Saturday 21 January 2012

Link Tank 21/01

Just before satisfying the bacon craving ...

The ‘we don’t like it, so ban it’ lobby target meat-eaters

Smoking: More than just a vice

Study suggests junk food in schools doesn't cause weight gain among children

Are the left waking up to a libertarian threat?

Porn sites black out for SOPA

Electronic cigarettes: A safer way to puff

Peruvians were eating popcorn over 3,000 years ago

Off road cycle racing may be banned in the New Forest

Sex toys for Christians is a growing market

Dogs which eat anything

1 comment:

Mark Wadsworth said...

From that "Christian sex toy' article:

"Jewish speaker and author Rabbi Shmuley Boteach devotes an entire chapter to sex toys in his bestselling book Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy, published 12 years ago and credited, at the time, for bringing Jewish teachings on sex to the broader public."

Shouldn't that be "Hebrew speaker"? There's no such language as "Jewish".