Saturday 7 January 2012

Link Tank 07/12

Let's kick off the year with these, shall we?

Don't hold the salt: Attempts to curb sodium intake are misguided

2011: A year in 365 photographs

2012: The year of the invisible revolution?

Welcome to the Nagging Health Service

E-cig policy in New Zealand is just 'bootleggers and baptists'

France bans ketchup in school cafeterias

'Bunny Ranch' sex workers endorse Ron Paul

Utah's New Year gift to its citizens - a ban on Happy Hours

How to be a dictator

UK government screwing small transport business with unnecessary regulations

Randy dancing spiders


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

NHS - I am nagged ... and non too happy about it.

The legions of corporate communications / PR drones employed at public expense are mostly stupid beyond saving.

They mirror the Community Safety Partnerships - our local gummint rather than put an extra random patrol out got some professionally produced "anti drunken vandal" A4 posters up - when asked what they would do if the problem continued they said "we'll buy some radio advertising"

Custodians of public money generally tend to pursue their own interests, rather that what is right.

This has to stop - or at least be challenged robustly - given their head they people will spend the entire pool of "public health insurance" money on advertising, self aggrandising pamphletry and seminars in 300 quid a night country spa hotels.

Unknown said...

That chef makes some interesting points that I can see that are influenced by TC.

I love salt but when I cook something, like poridge, I use salt (not that English bastardisation where they use sugar, that should be ba...) and have often had to throw the whole lot out because I put too much salt in it, silly bugger.

Chefs often, or they should do, taste their menus before serving at table in restaurants, or any other eating places for that matter, or it will affect the taste of their culinary delights and the punters complain and never come back. Whats that about letting the business decide their policy?

Anyway have a Happy New Year DP, you and your new Mrs and all the little (not so little now, are they) kiddywinks.