Thursday 19 January 2012

Stony Stratford: A Characteristically Delirious Epilogue From Herr Bartlett

As you may have read elsewhere, the wise and thoughtful Councillors in Stony Stratford decisively threw out Herr Bartlett's barmy plan on Tuesday night (previously in this saga, check the Stony Stratford tag).

The margin was seven votes to one (can you guess who?), to go alongside prior epic Barlett failures. The man was his usual barking self during the meeting, at one point being made to apologise for a disgustingly spiteful wish for other members of the council (you know, normal psycho unhinged anti-smoker stuff).

However, once he popped his bug eyes back in his head and stopped frothing at the mouth, the ever-diligent AboutMyArea/MK11 managed to coax a comment or two out of him. Do go have a read as, incredibly, despite unconditional, disastrous, humiliating defeat, he feels he has made some kind of progress!

"It is noticeable that only one member of the public came to the meeting on 17th January to object and this may reflect a general change of mood in public opinion ..."
Really? If so, it's extremely difficult to spot at the Stony Stratford Facebook page judging by this selection of comments.

"bartlett you are out of touch ,use your time more wisely go and tidy tour garden up it,s a tip , and get a real job"

"My god daughter is better behaved than him and she's 3!!!"

"Is he still a bit mad??"

"He is a terrible person to represent [Stony Stratford] :("

"The pathetic smug arrogance of the man. Unbearable."
Those who went to the town in July last year can attest to Stony Stratford's charm, but it would appear that its residents are genial and astute people too.

Congratulations to Stony Stratford Town Council for reflecting the public mood so accurately.


Anonymous said...

His comment is - true to form - incoherent.

How did he EVER get elected?


Anonymous said...

I don't think he will be again ,somehow.

George Speller said...

read his letter carefully. I emailed him:
"You are frothing at the mouth so heavily you managed to call smoking "a good habit". I wonder if the flouride in the water has rotted your brain?"

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer dimwit.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Publish any reply, won't you George? ;)

Anonymous said...

Herr Bartlett: Disappointment at the decision of Stony Stratford Town Council has not dented my desire to continue to seek a more pleasing and pleasant environmet.”

If he’s seeking a “more pleasing and pleasant environmet(sic)” for Stony Stratford, the solution is clear. He should leave town.

P.S. From reading the article, oration is not one of the Herr’s strong points. His tool-shed babbling is just not up there with presidential speeches.

nisakiman said...

"His tool-shed babbling is just not up there with presidential speeches."

Blimey, that's a pretty condemning indictment! He must have the oratory skills of a baboon. I mean, Dubya made presidential speeches....

(Poor old Dubya. Sweet guy, but seemed to have the intellect of a caterpillar. Made for some great YouTube though! :¬))

Nice to hear that our busybody councellor has been roundly thrashed. Again.

In fact we could do with a few more counsellor Bartletts - they illustrate better than anything else to the wider (predominantly non-but-not-anti-smoking) public the lunacy of the zealots.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder what the big cheeses in the anti-smoking movement really think of people like Bartlett. I guess it's inevitable that any movement which catches the attention of the public will attract its share of loopy-but-dedicated hangers-on who, by their over-enthusiastic zeal actually do more harm than good – a bit like the Occupy protesters at St Paul’s ended up by being invaded by well-meaning but largely incoherent born-again hippies who could hardly string two words together, let alone articulate exactly what the Occupy protest sought to achieve (not helped by the fact that the aims of the original organisers wasn’t exactly clear from the start).

But really, you’d think that with the clout and psychological trickery that the anti-smoking movement has under its belt, it would be inclined to take these unhelpful supporters aside and have a quiet word in their ear to stop them letting the cat out of the bag as to what kind of people anti-smokers really are. It’s a long time since I’ve read any reasonable-sounding comments against smoking (or in support of the ban) anywhere. All the comments/articles I read these days against smoking are coming dangerously close to showing the anti-smoking movement’s true colours, and this must surely worry the puppet-masters in anti-smoking.

Or maybe the fact is that they don’t have the clout that they used to have to mobilise some semi-convincing “supporters” out of thin air and now simply have to put up with nutty ranters like Bartlett in order to give the impression that they still have any support at all …

Anonymous said...

This parish pump weasel,Bartlett,
is not alone .Britain is infested
with this type of DooLallis,Bleeding Heart Liberals and assorted pestilences.
We British have suffered much sorrow and sadness through the centuries but the current plague
of bleating ,anti smoking insects
are worse than the Bubonic Plague,
Blitz and BBC combined.
Anyway,had the Dipstick Bartlett
got his way,what would the "Warriors" of Stony Stratford
done about it
NOWT(Northspeak for ZILCH)
Like the other 99% of chicken livered,yellow streaked smokers
who continue to mumble,grumble,
whimper ,whinge,tremble ,twitter,
facebook,youtube and flutter around
in the digital vacuum.

Asphalt Yeoman

George Speller said...

I got a reply.
"Who are you and what are you on about?

I could do without your harassment (prevention of harassment act applies)
Cllr Paul Bartlett

cc Thames Valley Police"

Tough guy!

Dick Puddlecote said...

George: Hahaha! He's usually fine with confrontational e-mails ... he's sent me enough. ;)