Sunday 8 April 2012

The Crappy Crusade

Just idly surfing articles on the tobacco display ban, I came across this remarkable piece of fiction from 2010 in the Express.

BRITAIN'S small shopkeepers and the Sunday Express join forces today to save our newsagents.


The [tobacco display ban] is sure to increase the pressure on Gordon Brown as both the main opposition parties are supporting the shopkeepers’ cause.


Shadow Health Minister Mike Penning said the Conservatives would seek to repeal Labour’s move if they win the election. The Sunday Express vows to hold the Tories to this pledge and to fight any other attempts to bring in this unfair legislation.
Oddly, there wasn't much 'crusading' going on once Lansley announced the coalition's monumental U-turn, nor any 'holding to account' since.

Not only that, but in just the one article above, we are presented with a perfect snapshot of unprincipled, venal, duplicitous and corrupt modern Britain.

We can forget any lingering idea of our government being by the people, for the people. It's them versus us now, no question.


Jay said...

It does make you wonder who exactly is in charge (i.e. puppeteer pulling the strings of the leaders) in government, and why the about-face for the then-opposition parties...? 

And it's been them versus us now for ages.  It's time the us started tacking back our liberties from the them.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Haha yes, good spot, add it to the long list of "Things which the Tories claimed to oppose while in Opposition but promptly introduced once in government."

No prisoners said...

Get real,wakey-wakey,smell the coffee,turn on the lights.
The three main parties are little more than glove puppets up whose lower openings  are  the diseased fists of shreiking manipulators,well
funded freaks and lying ginger groups
Simple deduction.
Westminster does not in any way represent the people nor it's will
The Lords an assembly of tinkling brass  The Commons heaving with
unworthies,bloated with unkept promises,blighted by deception.
Westminster ,Media and Finance , a clever Junta, to smart for the ordinary,but, for how long ?
Sadly the ringleaders of change ghost around the fibre optics and copper
wires scratching for chairbound fusiliers.

The Street Urchin    

Dick_Puddlecote said...

If outright objection to hidden tobacco displays turns into "yes, they're brilliant and will make smoking not a normal part of life", having an "open mind" on plain packaging must mean they've written the Bill (and probably voted on it) already. 

Sad But Mad Lad said...

Link the article on Spiked about what's fuelling the petrol crisis with this bansturbation and that of the draconian email and web monitoring system which they opposed in opposition too and you realise that politicians don't have a single backbone in them. They all go on focus groups and lobbyists and who ever is driving the Daily Mail crowd. So the fact that they change their minds from one moment to the next shows that they are actually weak. They are scared of the next thing toppling them and will do any thing to keep their jobs and don't care a jot about us.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Agreed. The above also shows a weak, supine press too. There was a time when a newspaper campaign would spook politicos, now they just shrug and carry on regardless. 

Tom said...

aka C.U.N.T.S.

Vapingpoint said...

This was my reaction to "Smoking is not part of life"

I just wonder WHY everyone simply "allows"!

well done on your 2000th - I must have read most!

DerekP said...

"It's them versus us now, no question."

The them includes senior UK Civil Servants and EU bureaucrats.

The LibLabCon will say anything to get votes but once voted into office just do what the bureaucrats tell them. That's why there's no real change in policy.

Petitions to No.10 don't matter unless they are supporting what the bureaucrats already plan to do. We need a cull of the bureaucrats to bring the Civil Service to heel, back to being the UK Public's servant instead of master.