Thursday 19 April 2012

Hypocrisy Doesn't Get Any More Blatant Than This

Quick quiz. Who said this in 2009?
The Government has been accused of fixing the outcome of public consultations on health policy after it emerged that reviews were flooded with block votes from groups funded entirely by the taxpayer.


[Mr X] said the disclosures summed up Labour's "cavalier" approach to consulting the public.

[He] said: "It will come as no surprise to us if the Department of Health has funded organisations that provide the responses to consultations that the Government is looking for.

"The public are understandably cynical about the way Labour consults the public - it's time we had a Government that treats the public and their views with the respect they deserve."
Who was that courageous, people-oriented champion of decency and correct use of taxpayer receipts, just itching to come to the rescue and end such wasteful and corrupt practices?

Why, it was Andrew Lansley, who is currently engaged in forcing plain packaging legislation through with the help of - you're getting ahead of me here, I can sense - "government-funded organisations that provide the responses to consultations that the Government is looking for".

I'm sure he'll be popping up on TV soon to furiously condemn £468,000 of public money being spent by his government to lobby him.

Yep, won't be long now.


ftumch said...

BBC Radio 4 The Report:

philhandyman24-7 said...

I have called him 'turnaround Lansley' here Dick :0

Lysistrata Eleftheria said...

Oh well done DP! My flabber is totally gasted.
WTF? Wait...oh, another Career Politician...
Lansley really is a complete c*nt, isn't he?

Jay said...

yes, he is a complete cunt. I agree. ;)

theprog said...

I think this simply demonstrates that governance of this country is largely determined by the unelected and non UK citizens. Lansley, Cameron and all their Cabinet colleagues are clearly useful idiots. The pathetic muppets couldn't even achieve an overall majority in the wake of the Brown disaster (not that it would've made any difference). 

c777 said...

Yes a puppet government.
This sort of thing is the proof.

CDB said...

Title says it all - Let's hope this message gets spread far and wide.

Steve Brown said...

Calling Lansley an anal sphincter would be to insult one's fundamental orifice.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"I'm sure he'll be popping up on TV soon to furiously condemn £468,000 of public money being spent by his government to lobby him."
Tee hee, add it to the growing list of "things which the Tories opposed in opposition and are implementing now they are in government"

moonrakin said...

I'd say it's 

moonrakin said...

I'd say it's yet more evidence that our politicians are reduced to sock puppets for the "executive" - "professional" civil servants who busy themselves varnishing and decorating any EU diktat or the demands of any shrill pressure group that might provide future employment.

I have long called for the institution of drug tests for our political classes and public servant - but look what happens when somebody fairly prominent  does it - and offers to pay for it.

plus, he also provides evidence that they must be on something....

Smoking Scot said...

I went into slightly more detail:

Lansley is a bully, he's antagonistic and confrontational with a penchant for washing his hands of all his mistakes when things go pear shaped. He's out to milk the system for all he can legitimately pocket. Like many of his ilk he's quick to point out perceived failings in others while remaining oblivious to his own - and he's a sucker for those who pander to his insatiable vanity. The tobacco control measures of hiding displays and plain packaging give him the publicity he craves. Unfortunately he's not terribly intelligent, he's an appalling strategist and his claims to be doing this for the sake of the children have a hollow ring to them, given his own cavalier attitude toward marriage and children.


No real need to insult a rectum; they at least do what they do very well indeed.

Mudplugger said...

Another epic memory-fail for Lightweight Lansley - can't even make Teresa (count-the-days) May look good.
What a shambolic shower.

Tomorrow belongs to us said...

As a life long Tory,there is no way I could vote for the the Leninist Labour nor
the Trot LibDems now we have the Bolshy "conservatives" blighting my
choice of voting
It is time to scrutinise these so called "tory" bloggers and Web sites,just
who they are and what are their true colours
We should not forget ,in a few weeks (polling day),some half wits will
scribe their "X" on a scrap of paper ,giving mandate to the deceiving elite,
to continue with their misrule.

The Forgotten North 

ivandenisovich said...

Lansley is an unprincipled hypocrite who is not especially bright. The problem is that his counterpart is extremely dense and autocratic so he gets away with it. He can be as dishonest and hypocritical as he likes without fear of being exposed in parliament because all 3 parties are identical. They are all terrified of lobbyists so happy to bully those who they do not pay to have big voices. There is no excuse. They are all the same and they need to go. 

Edward James said...

Why does this not surprise me in the slightest, after all Lansley belongs to the pro EU red Tories, who couldn't care a **** about people but do care about looking good to focus groups and powerful lobbyists and bonkers conglomerations of nannying doctors - the BMA comes to mind and don't forget that tw@t Donaldson.