Saturday 21 April 2012

Link Tank 21/04

Sometimes, they just pick themselves.

How the health lobby significantly over-estimate the affordability of alcohol

Volunteers invited for a constituency-based smoker letter-writing group

Let's be blunt: It's time to end the drug war

A call for warning labels on soft drinks in New Zealand

Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants building owners to say where people can smoke on their properties

Watching porn can shut down part of your, erm, oh what's it called again?

Study says Michelle Obama is talking rot about food in poorer areas

The disco-blasting robot fast food waiters of 1980s Pasadena

Correlation, causation, and alcohol

Rubber chicken flies into solar radiation storm

Shiny yoghurt-eating mice with big balls

1 comment:

Tom said...

Synopsis on Bloomberg article:

Bloomberg wants smoking banned in apartment buildings and private homes so he can have full control over individuals and get rid of those annoying property rights.
Since it's propaganda, it includes supposed smokers arguing in favor of such a ban on themselves smoking inside their very own homes.
It includes prideful statistics that the anti-smoking hate campaign has managed to whip up so much hate that over 300 emergency phone calls go into NYC's 311 semi-emergency hot-line monthly to report people who are commiting the crime of smoking a cigarette from those hateful people encouraged to report such dissidence to the NYC Stasi.
Bloomberg is shown like a proud peacock in a press conference announcing his grand plans to crack down on smokers for the crime of smoking even more.
The press applauds him.