Tuesday 3 April 2012

In Perpetuity

A night uptown beckons for your humble host to an event featuring one of our Stony Stratford orators last summer (you can see highlights of that speech here), I'll give him your regards. It'll be very interesting to hear his account of this little debacle.

In the meantime, as a follow up to my article last month on Mayor Bloomberg, you may have missed this short video from the Reason.tv crew awarding him their Nanny of the Month Award ... again.

I think he's won it so many times now they may as well let him keep it.


Barking Spider said...

The only things missing in the thumbnail of that posed, arrogant bastard above are the moustache and armband, DP, in fact, I might just feel a Photoshop session coming on.

Dunit,Hadit & Binit said...

Any Party with "baroness" Warsi in the front row cannot in any way be taken seriously.Unfortunately,Cameron just has'nt got the guts to give
some of these carpetbaggers their marching orders.
However the alternative to Cameron and Tories does not bear thinking
Anyway for all those who still have faith in the present Parliamentary
form of Democracy,,,,you cannot be serious.

Had enough