Sunday 22 April 2012

Government Lobbying Government In The North East?

At the start of this month, NHS North East replied to my request as to their financial support for the plain packaging campaign. Their response was as oleaginous as we have come to expect from those who waste spend our taxes.
"We are unaware of any direct PCT expenditure on the plain packaging campaign."
'Direct' obviously being the operative word, since Smokefree North East - funded by NHS North East PCTs - have undeniably been spending money on the project as the video embedded in this article proves.

I wonder how their wasting of your money compares with other areas.

Place your bets. Higher or lower than the £468,000 (government-funded) Smokefree South West lobbied government with?


nfc said...


My new word for caling someone a cunt!

AlanUK said...

OT (sorry)

Full page advert in the Daily Mail today, page 56, for E-Lites.

Alan Bates