Friday 3 May 2013

Friday Night Tobacco Control Insanity

It's been a manic week in Puddlecoteville, I've been madly dashing from one place to another since early Monday morning. Having finally caught up with my e-mail backlog though, I thought a bit of tobacco control lunacy would be fun for a Friday night.

This stunning example of the genre comes from Canada.
Comment magazine publisher Michael Chesney was told Monday to remove the tobacco plants from his Victoria Street storefront or face a fine under the Tobacco Control Act. 
Since 2008, the province has prohibited the display and promotion of tobacco products anywhere that could be seen by minors. Similar regulations exist all across Canada with the aim of deterring younger people from taking up smoking. 
Chesney was growing a crop of about 50 tobacco plants at his magazine office that he formerly ran as the Kootenay Time cafe. He said the plants were grown from seed and were being used to provide shade and privacy for people working inside. 
He was given two days to either remove them or face a fine of $575 each day they remained on display.
Perhaps the plants were just too glitzy for the precious child automatons of British Columbia, who are obviously so well educated that they are experts at botany and can identify plants in the genus Nicotiana with just a glance.

Sadly, they are simultaneously devoid of any education as to the dangers of smoking and utterly incapable of restraint or self-control.

There are times when I truly pity the tobacco control industry for their total lack of common sense and failure to understand how idiotic they look to the outside world. This is one of those occasions.


Junican said...

When did a tobacco plant become a 'tobacco product'?

Mr A said...

Good! Long may it continue!

The blinkered insanity of Tobacco Control is their greatest weakness. For a long time they seemed unassailable what with their infiltration into the MSM, the legislators and the Establishment in general. I don't know about Canada but perhaps places like Australia are just too far gone. But at least here, the more theses idiots do these things it highlights their true nature and fuels the rage amongst normal people that "something is very wrong."

We saw a result of that rage yesterday. These nutters will not have power forever and once their useful idiots in Parliament see that affiliating with them is political suicide, they will be dropped quicker than a molten plate.

So more insanity please, Tobacco Control! More desperate lies! Please, show yourself up even more!

bella gerens said...

I can't speak for Canada, but it would be the rare child where I come from—North Carolina—who didn't recognise a tobacco plant for what it was. After Clinton stopped the tobacco subsidy for farmers, you didn't see fields of tobacco much for several years. But tobacco farming is in resurgence and you can barely throw a stick without hitting a field of luscious tobacco plants these days. I question this guy's explanation of using them as shade plants in his office, though. Tobacco plants are famously sticky and, when in bloom, attract swarms of insects and other creepy-crawlies.