Saturday 25 May 2013

Link Tank 25/05


Cross Turkey off your holiday list, their government has gone barmy

Libya embraces post-Gaddafi freedom with 'Uncle Kentaki' fried chicken

Big pharma and alcohol research

South Australia bans live betting odds adverts

Indian city bans laughing in a public park

US tobacco firms scramble to buy into e-cigs

McDonald's gives Ohio kidnap rescuer free food for a year

"The more UKIP are vilified the happier they are"

The sweet sorrow of following Somerset cricket

Swedes are not as sexy as they used to be

Eating insects to save the planet

1 comment:

SadButMadLad said...

When you first read the headline about the banning of laughing in the park, you think what barmy city has decided that. And you see Indian which confuses you because you would expect it to be American. That's where all the nutty stuff comes from - usually.

Then you read the story and you realise it's about the laughing yoga group who are banned. So it's more about the group causing a disturbance. And so you think, actually the city is being quite reasonable. They are looking after the interests of everyone else using the park for relaxation and peace and quiet.

Then you read the story some more. And you find out that the city really is being nutty. Especially when the reason for the ban according to the State Commissioner C S Rama Lakshmi is that human activities and noise in the parks could annoy the animals.