Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Will The Coalition Be More Bossy Than Labour?

We're still no nearer finding out if the incredibly inept campaign in favour of plain packaging will be successful.

If you're not already aware, it's been a farce from start to finish, so much so that I can only direct you to the Plain Packaging tag here for info as the instances of corruption, lies, gaffes, gerrymandering and idiocy are far too numerous to mention. Snowdon had a go at listing them in March but it's akin to attempting to trap running tap water in a sieve.

It's moved on since then. Just over a week ago, Anna Soubry was the latest (we thought) nonsensical MP to out themselves as showing scant regard for democracy while promoting their own retarded opinions. Guido Fawkes further pointed out her lack of competence for ministerial office.

But the stupid just doesn't stop!

Here is Labour MP Sharon Hodgson talking in the House of Commons a few days ago.
When he was Health Secretary, my right hon. Friend the Member for Leigh (Andy Burnham) proposed that the next front in the fight would be standardised or plain packaging, and we urge the Government to stop stalling and introduce measures to ensure that as soon as possible. If recent media reports are to be believed, the Under-Secretary of State for Health, the hon. Member for Broxtowe (Anna Soubry), who has responsibility for public health, is using all the means at her disposal to agitate for such measures, including briefing journalists and so on. The Opposition support her in those endeavours, even if her colleagues do not.
Before a consultation exercise has concluded, this daft woman would appear to be actually celebrating ministerial ignorance of protocol.

Hodgson fired in that comment about plain packaging which was not the point of the debate at hand and was therefore mildly rebuked for it - quite rightly - by her own side. However, it's clear that plain packs advocates are getting desperate so it isn't too surprising that mesmerised MPs like Hodgson go to such lengths considering they are pinning their hopes on plain packaging being in the Queen's Speech next week.

But here we have Hodgson trying to make some political mileage on the subject. Let's re-visit this bit.
The Opposition support her in those endeavours, even if her colleagues do not.
Really? That's odd, because Ed Miliband produced an alternative Queen's Speech the other day .. and plain packaging wasn't in it!

Very wise, I thought.

So, we have an interesting situation here. Labour quite obviously think that plain packs isn't worth their while legislating on, while Labour MPs harangue the Tories for not, err, doing what Labour are are not planning to do themselves.

We could be entering virgin political territory here. Come the Queen's Speech, it could be a time where the Conservative Party first shows itself to be more paternalistic; less trusting of personal responsibility; less respectful of business and property; further to the left, and ultimately bossier than the Labour Party they despise. Hmm, what was that the Tories were saying about "vote UKIP, get Labour"?

We are truly living in bizarre times.


RooBeeDoo said...

MP for Washington and Sunderland South. I wonder if she'll be as vocal in her bansterbating demands if UKIP make a decent showing in the South Shields bye-election?
Also, she looks like she ate all the pies.

david said...

The Tory response to UKIP is to basically slag them off. They perhaps should spend more time pondering precisely why people are switching allegiance.

Ivan D said...

Any party that introduces measures such as plain packaging or minimum pricing will set precedents that effectively transfer power to the Marxists, meddling medics, sociologists and psychologists that from the public health lobby. As these people are collectively way to the left of the majority of the parliamentary Labour Party, I believe your analysis to be very astute. If the Conservative Party made such a disastrous error, I would hope that its supporters would not be forgiving. I think that many Liberal Democrats are somewhat left of Labour in their thinking but I do hope that the Conservatives will not try to use the coalition as a lame excuse for something inexcusable.

I suspect that the vast majority of people in the UK, whatever party they support, would like to see an end to the undemocratic dominance of the legislative agenda by authoritarian minorities. Thus far it seems that the overwhelming view of the majority who simply want an end to being harassed and to see their limited resources focused on something more useful than public health lifestyle legislation appears to be less important to the coalition than appeasement of a shrill minority who cannot be appeased. appeased

Rosemary Williams said...

The fight is no longer between left and right, but between the competent and the incompetent; the honest and the dishonest; the pro-choice and the anti-choice. It is between those who know when regulation is absolutely necessary for our well-being, and those who regard regulation as the first weapon of choice to something they happen to disagree with or wish to cover their own backs by.

Mark Wadsworth said...

daft question, answer "yes" and then sooner or later Labour will get back in and they will be even bossier than the Tories etc etc ad infinitum.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Too right! I think I love you Rosemary :)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

They say a turd with a red rosette could win in Sunderland South. Quickly too as they are always first to declare.

Not saying Hodgson is a turd, of course, heaven forbid! ;)

Steve Brown said...

!!!!!! WOW.