Friday 17 May 2013

Some Nasty Animals Shouldn't Be Kept As Pets

As I was laughing throughout this BBC article, I couldn't help but be reminded of stories where big cats have assaulted those who loved and cared for them.
Alcohol Concern's survey suggested that 31% of Labour MPs, 20% of Conservatives and 19% of Liberal Democrats thought their colleagues drank too much and the charity called for a change in drinking habits among politicians at Westminster. 
Chief executive Eric Appleby said: "If a quarter of employees reported an unhealthy drinking culture in any other organisation it would provoke immediate action by bosses."
That's the Alcohol Concern, created by government in the mid-1980s, which has been reared and nurtured by the love and financial sustenance of politicians as a pet to snarl, bully, and intimidate a previously content public.

Now it has slipped its leash and is savaging its carer. Oh joy! How d'ya like them apples, boys and girls?

What sweet irony, too, that MPs are currently considering new laws against people who keep vicious dogs as pets. They should be well aware, then, that irresponsible owners who don't properly discipline animals with ferocious vandalism in their genes are liable to turn nasty without warning.

You reap what you sow, as they say, so suck it up Nanny Statists.


SadButMadLad said...

Frankenstein comes to mind. The politicians have created a monster which has come back to haunt them. And the monster won't stop until there is nothing left for it to devour.

John Pickworth said...

O/T News: Nascar legend Dick Trickle has died. During his racing career, he attracted attention when he drilled a hole in his safety helmet to allow him to smoke a cigarette as he competed. He also famously installed cigarette lighters in his cars so he could smoke during races. A hero.

nisakiman said...

That is delightful! :) A hero indeed!