Saturday, 18 May 2013

Rebecca Taylor MEP On E-Cigs

I'm going to do something very dirty now, that is to praise a Liberal Democrat for being - surprise, surprise - fairly liberal.

MEP Rebecca Taylor agreed to be in this short three minute film about e-cigs after attending the shocking EU workshop on the 7th of May chaired by the most dangerous European alive today. I predicted on the morning of the shebang that it would be a farce and it didn't disappoint, as Rebecca found out a bit later on.
"Some of the speakers were making assumptions which have absolutely no evidence to back them up"
Indeed. Here's the clip (watch for a fleeting cyber-glimpse of your host if you freeze at 0:38).

It is so rare these days that politicians actually listen to the public and act upon their pleas, so she should be congratulated for speaking up for e-cigs. She's often on Twitter and worth following just on the evidence above.

Having said that, she lets herself down badly by believing the utter nonsense about minimum alcohol pricing.



Patnurse said...

Fair play to her on e-cigs and seeing through the agenda - but it's a shame that she has absolutely no support for those who prefer tobacco and she has no conscience over stealing tobacco consumer rights with plain packaging. Hopefully she is open minded enough to see through that gimmick too in time and understand that supporting denormalisation/stigmatisation of adult tobacco consumers is unacceptable in a free, fair, tolerant and democratic society.

Ivan_Denisovich said...

Perhaps someone should explain to Rebecca that the same people and their mates make things up to support MUP and "plain" packaging too. If she is open minded and does not rely on Norman Lamb or the rest of her Westminster colleagues for advise, then her research might just get her to the truth. She should of course be advised to avoid the BBC as an objective source of information on these subjects.

Junican said...

It does not surprise me that pubs and bars (in Scotland?) agree with MUP, but it does show a lack of understanding of simple logic.
If people are buying cheap beer in supermarkets because they cannot afford pub beer prices, then increasing supermarket prices will not make pub prices more affordable.
That elephant just keeps getting bigger and bigger.....

nisakiman said...

Yes, they get hold of the wrong end of the stick every time. Why are they so obstinate, so much in denial that they can't see that looming pachyderm? It beggars belief...

JonathanBagley said...

Dick, I'm surprised at you. Taylor's interview contained nothing of any substance apart from questioning the evidence concerning vaping being a gateway to smoking, and it ended with her using the word "appropriate" never a good sign - with regard to potential legislation. Her last recorded statement on ecig policy appears to be the blog post of 22nd March, on which you commented. Other versions have since appeared - for example, in LibDemVoice. Here was her opinion on vaping in public places.
"Following on from the previous point, e-cigarettes used in public places where smoking is forbidden or in front of children would also contribute to "renormalisation", so steps should be taken to avoid this, for example restricting the use of e-cigarettes in public places."
Below is part of a contribution from a commenter

"5. Public areas. If time could be taken to educate the public on e cigarettes by even a tenth of what has been done to caution them against smoking you would probably counter any misunderstanding and indeed in my own experience if explained properly the majority of people have had no issue with me using my device anywhere near them. My autistic nephew for instance was very understanding when 8 and indeed then proceeded to berate my sister for still smoking when these devices were available."
Here is Taylor's reply

Point 5: I am concerned about renormalisation, sorry : (
I've no idea what the symbol means. I'm guessing, "I'm obviously right and there is not a cat's chance in Hell of me changing my mind."
Now "gateway" is not the same issue as "renormalisation". I'd be very surprised if she now doesn't want a vaping ban in non-residential buildings and secure mental hospitals (incorrectly called the public smoking ban). I can't imagine anyone in the Public Health Industry advocating a law which results in indoor vaping in pubs, cafes, restaurants, trains and workplaces being a normal activity. I might be wrong, but I'll wait until I see her revised opinions written down before accepting she is a supporter of tolerance towards ecigs.

JonathanBagley said...

I might be eating humble pie if this turns out to be true. From the UK Vapers discussion boards:

HUMPH: In fact, Rebecca Taylor has co-signed an amendment which would remove from the Directive all reference to e-cigs as we know them, other than for provisions on labelling and on restricting sales to minors; and other than asking the Commission to carry out research on the subject.