Sunday 26 May 2013

Something To Share

When you're fully finished sunning yourselves after a day which began emptying Tesco shelves of anything remotely barbecueable, you may be interested in watching this well-crafted original music video from Jay at Nannying Tyrants*.

Quite a talented production, don't you think? The exact opposite, in fact, of this.

* Listen out for sound clips of Andrew Black and Australia's pre-eminent bark-faced narcissist.

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anonymous said...

Who is the shortarse blogger with the fuck fuck Tourette’s syndrome style blog?

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Keynsham Center and Head Office, Unit 19, Wansdyke Workshops, Unity Road, Keynsham, BS31 1NH

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email –

click on the who are we link at the top of the website/mark E, then click the picture to see what the offensive

little shit looks like, no longer will you only be able to read names of those he attacks with hate filled vile

comments, you will know who the arsehole is that hides anonymously and keeps his identity secret.