Friday 16 August 2013

Appeasement Never Works With Obsessives

Here's something for pub industry 'strategists' who thought it wise not to object too much to the smoking ban. After all, just a little effort and smokers could still use their tasteful pub gardens, couldn't they?
Meanwhile campaigning charity ASH (Action on Smoking and Health), says an outdoor smoking ban would be beneficial in some areas in the UK. 
A spokesperson has told Yahoo! News there was 'some evidence' that exposure to tobacco smoke outdoors may adversely affect people who are exposed to smoke on a regular basis. For example, in pubs or restaurants where staff are frequently passing by or through tobacco smoke when serving people outdoors.
That'll be just about all of them, then.

Some of us did try to warn that this was always destined to be the next logical step. Appeasement is listed in the health obsessed dictionary as another name for 'victory'.


jeremy holtom said...

Negative insidious people with no energy of their own seek to drag those with energy and passion down to their Hell.. They should never be appeased!!

Budvar Yorks said...

Thing with this though is it's totally unenforcible. Smoking inside, Landlord can lose his licence etc, outside, say the street outside the pub doorway is outside landlords jurisdiction. Any anti-smoking jobsworth trying to hand out on the spot fines is likely sure as not to get their teeth kicked in.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

The fine for landlords allowing smoking outdoors of their premises in Canada is $255. Laws in other countries also dictate that smoking is banned within certain distances from licensed premises, there will not be any leniency for streets outside the pub doorway.

ASH are aware of all these rules and will actively try to get them legislated here too. Be in no doubt - they won't stop while their annual government grant requires servicing by proposing ever more ridiculous punishments.

What the.... said...

The current antismoking crusade, very much in the eugenics tradition, is
much like previous crusades. It is a moralizing, social-engineering,
eradication/prohibition crusade decided upon in the 1970s by a small,
self-installed clique of [medically-oriented] fanatics operating under the
auspices of the World Health Organization and sponsored by the American Cancer Society (see the Godber Blueprint ). This little, unelected group, using much the same inflammatory rhetoric of its fanatical predecessors, decided for everyone that tobacco-use should be eradicated from the world. These fanatics were speaking of secondhand smoke “danger” years before the first study on SHS, together with advocating indoor and OUTDOOR smoking bans: Secondhand smoke “danger” is a concoction to advance the social-engineering agenda, i.e., inflammatory propaganda. The zealots were
also speaking of extortionate taxes as a coercive measure long before estimates of “health costs”.

The zealots’ goal this time is not to ban the sale of tobacco but to ban
smoking in essentially all the places that people smoke (combined with
extortionate taxes). Up until recently the social-engineering intent has been
masqueraded as protecting nonsmokers from secondhand smoke “danger”. But even this fraud can no longer be hidden in that bans are now being instituted for large outdoor areas such as parks, beaches, campuses where there is no demonstrable “health” issue for nonsmokers. This dangerous mix of the medically-aligned attempting social engineering is a throwback to a century ago. We seem to have learned nothing of value from very painful lessons of only the recent past.

What the.... said...

George Godber – 1975: “I imagine that most of us here know
full well that our target must be, in the long-term, the elimination of cigarette smoking…… We may not have eliminated cigarette smoking completely by the end of this century, but we ought to have reached a position where a relatively few addicts still use cigarettes, but only in private at most in the company of consenting adults.”

Mike Daube has been with the current antismoking crusade from its early days. Here’s an article by Daube of only a year ago that reiterates the Godber Blueprint:

“Extending restrictions on smoking in any environment so that it essentially becomes a practice only for consenting adults in private.”

What the.... said...

Here’s a brief history of the antismoking madness (Godber Blueprint) over
the last few decades.

The first demand for a smoking ban was in the late-1980s concerning
short-haul flights in the USA of less than 2 hours. At the time, the antismokers were asked if this was a “slippery slope” – where would it end? They ridiculed anyone suggesting such because this ban was ALL that they were after.
Then they ONLY wanted smoking bans on all flights.
Then the antismokers ONLY wanted nonsmoking sections in restaurants, bars, etc., and ensuring that this was ALL they wanted.
Then the antismokers ONLY wanted complete bans indoors. That was all they wanted. At the time, no-one was complaining about having to “endure” wisps of smoke outdoors.

While they pursued indoor bans, the antismokers were happy for smokers to be exiled to the outdoors. Having bulldozed their way into indoor bans, the antismokers then went to work on the outdoors, now declaring that momentary exposure to remnants of smoke in doorways or a whiff outdoors was a “hazard”, more than poor, innocent nonsmokers should have to “endure”.
Then they ONLY wanted bans within 10 feet of entrance ways.
Then they ONLY wanted bans within 20 feet of entrance ways.
Then they ONLY wanted bans in entire outdoor dining areas.
Then they ONLY wanted bans for entire university and hospital campuses and parks and beaches.
Then they ONLY wanted bans for apartment balconies.
Then they ONLY wanted bans for entire apartment (including individual
apartments) complexes.

On top of all of this, there are now instances, particularly in the USA,
where smokers are denied employment, denied housing (even the elderly), and denied medical treatment. Smokers in the UK are denied fostering/adoption. Involuntary mental patients are restrained physically or chemically (sedation) or multi-day solitary confinement rather than allow them to have a cigarette – even outside. In some countries there are
also compounded extortionate taxes.

At each point there was a crazed insistence that there was no more to come
while they were actually planning the next ban and the brainwashing required to push it. The incessant claim was that they were not doing “social engineering” (prohibition) when the current antismoking crusade has been so from the outset, just like pretty well every previous antismoking crusade. There has beenincessant (pathological) lying and deception. Many medically-aligned groups have been committed to antismoking – their smokefree “utopia” – since the 1960s, and are also in the pay of Pharma companies peddling their useless “nicotine replacement” products. They have prostituted their medical authority and integrity to chase ideology (this is exactly what occurred in the eugenics of early last century). All of it is working to a tobacco-extermination plan run by the WHO (dominated by the American “model”) and that most nations are now signed-up to (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control).

What the.... said...

As zealots/extremists usually do, they push too far. They are being found out in their deception concerning baseless outdoor smoking bans.

If people look hard enough, there’s as much deception concerning indoor smoking bans.

Budvar Yorks said...

There's already a plethora of legislation out there where stasi gobshites have "the power" to issue fixed penalty notices for littering etc.

They're *VERY* selective who they harass, usually single mothers with a toddler in a pushchair or little old ladies. The chances of them ticketing an 18st tattooed skinhead with a pitbull called Fang is about as likely as Solly Weisenthal becoming leader of the National front...

The streets of London, Leeds or Liverpool is not Canada. The shit they put up with wont be tolerated over here.

Kath Gillon said...

I read this article on Yahoo yesterday and went into a flurry of commenting, because unless they intend to ban cars motorbikes trains and all other forms of transport especially those using petrol this is a total waste of time. In fact lets just legislate against everything and be done with it, so that all the twerps and idiots out there who can not look after themselves are safe and protected. In fact lets go the whole hog and let the government produce a list of what we can actually do. I am sure the PC brigade and the Nanny state promoters will be delighted at the death of freedom of choice. I am so glad I am almost in my twilight years and won't have to put up with this BS modern way of living for much longer, because all the excitement may prove detrimental to my well being and then I will need protecting from myself.
DEAR GOD what are we coming to.

Mac said...

truckerlyn said...

Kath, you are absolutely right, fumes from vehicles and other 'chemical' sources that are all around us, indoors and out, are far more harmful than any amount of tobacco smoke either first or second hand. To return to the days of horse and cart would suit me fine, but I don't think it would do too well for business as we know it!

Of course, the likes of these imbeciles cherry pick their causes. They would no way accept that anything else is more harmful than the slightest whiff of tobacco smoke because they could not survive today without transport as we know it or chemicals found in cleaning solutions and air fresheners, etc, etc,

Of track a little, Health and Safety are going down the same route, just look at proposals regarding cyclists! I despair that anyone growing up today will ever know how to take responsibility for themselves and their own actions!

Last week I was delivering, in my truck, to a Homebase site in Swindon. I reversed the truck onto the bay to be unloaded. As is usual and understandable, I handed in my keys, however this was not enough. I had to put chocks under the trailer wheels AND a lock on the air line! Over the top doesn't even come close! How I am supposed to move a 40 ton truck without the keys I really don't know! I am not a candidate for the Worlds Strongest Man, in fact I am a woman in my mid 50's!

Somehow, someone/group, has to rid the world of these senseless morons, for everyones sake. It is not smoking or SHS that is dangerous, these idiots are far, far more dangerous to the sane and balanced continuity of the human race.

God help us all!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

This is the root of the problem, Lyn. The public are now so conditioned to be afraid of everything that I really believe some may harbour delusions that their shadow is out to get them.

Risk terror is now a psychological disease entirely created by selfish (and mostly state-funded) agenda setters. They have caused so much damage to the social fabric of the country that they deserve to be in jail IMO.

truckerlyn said...

You are right, of course, Dick, except that jail would be too good for them!

Hope you have a good week.

Kath Gillon said...

I agree with you Lyn I struggle daily with dread and fear over where the youth of today are going to find self reliance. My 22 year old step daughter recently came to live with us and talk about shambolic, dear god she has the organisational skills of a gerbil I love her dearly but my god if the girl can't even find her mobile phone or a lighter how is she ever going to manage in the workplace! my Daughter is 21 and already a pub manager. But then I never did everything for my children and made them self sufficient. Health and Safety is a total joke I used to work in schools and the children were not allowed to play conkers or play out in the snow! Ridiculous. The governments have dumbed down society to such a point that they consider us all to stupid to decide for ourselves and feel they must legislate for every eventuality, what ever happened to good old common sense *Sigh* like you i despair. My stepdaughter was blaming western civilisation for everything yesterday I (a bit tartly I will admit) said "well yes but I can't see you being very happy if there was no power for your hair straighteners or no electric to charge your mobile phone and no water to wash you bright pink hair in!" "and god forbid you'd have to walk everywhere" "would that suit you better" I like you would be quite happy with a horse and cart :D but I dare say my step daughter as a raging Vegan would then complain about animal cruelty. Ahh the ignorance of youth!

truckerlyn said...

Hi Kath. I know just what you mean.

My daughter is 30 and manager of a Supermarket Cafe; she works tirelessly, cover any staff shortages as well as doing her own job and won't ask her staff to do something she, herself, will not do.

Last year she said to me that she really appreciated the way she was brought up, the lessons in responsibility and thinking before acting, because actions cause reactions and not always the ones you hope for!

I am so proud of her, she is intelligent, diligent and very hard working. She also has confidence in herself and will attempt most things and learns from her mistakes if they don't work out. Just what life should be; none of us are perfect, but the closest we can come to perfection is learning from our mistakes, but we need the opportunity to make those mistakes in the first place in order to learn.

If I had followed the traits of recent years, God only knows how she would have turned out!