Saturday, 10 August 2013

Link Tank 10/08

For those not planning to productively waste the weekend watching cricket.

Nanny Bloomberg now planning to ban e-cigs

The hysteria over trolls is a classic moral panic

Minimum alcohol pricing, maximum cost

New Zealand’s plan to regulate designer drugs is better than trying to ban them and failing

How McDonald’s conquered the world by becoming a defender of local cuisine

The benefits of internet porn

Chocolate is great for your brain

Zero hours contracts are good for British business

China set to ban barbecues

Italian Hitler and Mussolini wines shock Norwegian tourists

Ten rules for managing your penis

Yawning dogs


moonrakin said...

That last but one one... can you imagine if somebody in the national press penned a story "Ten rules for managing your vagina" what Suzanne Moore would say?

thought so :-)

The woman's beyond parody or satire.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Good Lord, that Telegraph story is difficult to read especially with the pic!

Note that Moore's piece was down where the joke articles normally go. ;)