Sunday 11 August 2013

Vote Dick

For some reason, a lefty blogger seems to be sufficiently bored to have resurrected a snap poll he last ran in 2010.

Back then, your humble jewel robbing tabloid host reached the heady heights of being rated the 21st worst blog on the internet. Coming from the 'progressive' ban-all-and-everything side of the fence, this made me incredibly proud - I nearly shed a tear, so I did - especially considering competition was intensely fierce at the time.

Three years on, I reckon your support could get me into the top ten. So please do wander over here and indulge the guy's quest to boost his visitor numbers by voting for me.

You have to nominate three blogs and rank them, so spread the, err, hate around wisely.



Christopher Snowdon said...

I like the way that guy bills his blog as "sociology with a socialist spin" as if that somehow sets it apart from mainstream sociology.

Stephen Brown said...

I filled in the poll with my favourite blogs, you were first, Leg-Iron second and Islamaphobia Watch third.
Leggy's going to bust a blood vessel!

PeterA5145 said...

Duly nominated your good self, Chris Snowdon, Leg-iron, Frank Davis and one other ;-)

Mr A said...

Sorry DP, not going to do it. Some MPs (possibly even Conservatives, knowing what they're like now) may actually read that tosh and I don't want your blog (and Frank's, and VGIF and Leggy) to be associated in any way with what they term "extremist" or "right wing" or "hate-filled" in any way. You guys are the voice of anti-authoritarianism, rationalism and indeed, the voice of the majority. Even if this guy is a sniveling, hate-filled lefty, I don't want to contribute to the Left's framing of the debate by painting you guys as somehow being "extreme", even if you yourself think it's a badge of honour. They do that enough with their "authoritarianism" = "progressive", "rational" = "denier" etc bullshit.

Better you get in the Top 10 Political Blogs next time, so some dipshits in power might actually work out that you are speaking for the majority.

Bucko TheMoose said...

I popped over there, but after having a read, I couldn't quite bring myself to comment. I would have had to go for a shower.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Sadly, I think the top blogs poll has gone by the wayside now Iain Dale is on LBC instead of at Total Politics.

Longrider said...

Likewise. What a self-righteous arse.