Saturday 3 August 2013

Link Tank 03/08

I think you're gonna like the top one.

"Ex-smokers are perhaps the most righteous and intolerant species to have ever inhabited this planet"

In praise of lads' mags

This week it's sugar's turn to be the new tobacco

Russia to ban swearing on the internet

The science of Champagne, the bubbling wine created by accident

France plans to ban Mercedes Benz cars

"When it comes to censoring the internet, China and the UK now have more in common than before"

The magic of beer: Home improvements

Robocop goes in after pothead blows himself up with liquid marijuana

Spiders with personalities


Sam Duncan said...

The Mercedes thing is hilarious. Trust a German firm to tell the regulators that their preferred substitute coolant is dangerous. Pass the popcorn...

Also, I'm amazed to be in complete agreement with an article on the HuffPo, but that one on Cameron's internet censorship is spot-on. What worries me is that a) the proposals are actually much wider in scope than simply blocking porn, b) that they'll create a list of people who've “opted out” and are therefore considered suspect (especially in light of the fact that one of the censored subjects will be “terrorist” material), and c) that ISPs could end up charging extra for a full, uncensored, service.

Mind you, at least he isn't trying to ban swearing. Yet.

Simon Cooke said...

As an ex-smoker I am deeply offended at such stereotyping :)