Saturday 31 August 2013

University Of Bath Finally Get Serious

Great news!

A south western seat of learning is, for a change, hosting an event which is more serious than their regular fare.
The University of Bath will host what is billed as Britain’s biggest paranormal conference next week. 
Seriously Strange will run from Friday, September 6 to Saturday September 7, looking at issues from ghosts to telepathy. 
It features 30 speakers including Bafta-winning screenwriter Stephen Volk, former MP Lembit Opik and poltergeist investigator Guy Lyon Playfair. 
More than 200 delegates from all round the country will attend the event, which organisers say will include debates, research and live paranormal experiments. 
Organiser Dave Wood said: “This is a huge weekend packed with the weird and the wonderful – everything from poltergeist to vampires, UFOs to telepathy, monsters to shamanism. Subjects are addressed in a serious way by top experts in their fields.”
Well, considering their previous efforts have focussed on trying to pretend minimum alcohol pricing is a great idea; producing a hilariously inept website which seeks to undermine e-cigs; coming up with heart attack reductions which don't exist from a hopelessly compromised shill; and pretending pubs haven't been closing since the smoking ban, this event could be their most believable to date.

It's a step in the right direction, I s'pose.

H/T Moonrakin


Tuco said...

i was also educated in a south west seat of great learning the Chumleigh school of hard knocks ,and i can tell you from expeirience that..........,Sorry! i thought it said goats.

Legiron said...

Lembit Opik?

I always thought there was something spooky about that guy,

Lysistrata said...

'Guy Lyon Playfair'?

Lysistrata said...

Helpful advice when mentioning Mr. Opik: I only found out a few months ago that his face looks spookily caved in because it IS caved in. Some horrible accident or illness as a child I believe.

Anthony Masters said...

This is hardly our proudest moment.

prog said...

Did you ever hear the story of the old empty pub?

Not dissimilar to this...

Jocelyn said...

Yes, finally something more credible from the University of Bath!

moonrakin said...

Heh - gats is just over the border where we know how to do things 'prop-ly

Legiron said...

It's not the face, it's the glasses. They look like the budget version of Iron Man's mask.