Tuesday 6 August 2013

Jersey Politicians Are 'Crazy', Says @TomHarrisMP

Back in 2008, genial Labour MP Tom Harris wrote one of the most popular political blogs around. Some may remember that he was fair-minded but did tend to get attacked for the stupidity of many of his then government's policies.

One such time was October 2008 when Tom gave his opinion of rumours that the government was planning to ban smoking in "private dwellings". In an article entitled "The smoking ban, what a drag"*, he bravely made this rather naive claim.
But the Department of Health recently held a consultation on whether the smoking ban should be extended into people’s private vehicles and homes. Now, I know this caused a great deal of perfectly understandable outrage among a lot of people. So let me make this clear: the government will not, under any circumstances, legislate to stop people smoking in private. It would be a crazy move and, believe it or not, ministers are not crazy people - they’re politicians and they recognise political realities.
And if they did attempt to legislate in this direction, I would risk the wrath of those who don’t believe Scottish MPs should vote on English matters by voting against it. 
But as I say, I won't need to, because it's not going to happen.
I remember it because - as we know very well - politicians are mostly idiots and will eventually do something that crassly stupid. I also remember it because I suggested in his comments section that we have a bet on his prediction, payable on him being proven wrong ... which he most certainly will be at some point. Probably sooner rather than later. He politely declined.

So, by Tom Harris's assessment, we can now safely say that the idiots currently in charge of Jersey are officially 'crazy'.
Smoking in homes and cars could be banned under proposals being discussed by Jersey's health department.
Well, fancy that!
Senator Sarah Ferguson was among those to voice concern about a move to "dictate what you do in your own home".
As if that is ever going to be a persuasive argument against the kind of knuckle-dragging, self-aggrandising berk who infests parliaments across the (supposedly developed) world in the 21st century.

Yes, I know that - unlike credulous Tom - we very wise jewel robbers saw this coming a long time ago and are not remotely surprised at the increasing insanity of anti-smoking hysteria, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

* Tom's blog was closed down after pressure from the control freaks at Labour HQ, but the link - for the record - used to be here.


sillyusername said...

"Senator Sarah Ferguson was among those to voice concern about a move to "dictate what you do in your own home"."
Too late dearie.
Once you gave an inch it was as clear as day that it would become a mile.
Your own home, what's that? Oh you mean where we let you live.

The excusniks that said it really only needs to go "so far" to redress the balance between smokers and non smokers as social mores changed now need to take a very long, hard look at what they have spawned.

Next up, what you eat, drink, watch, say and do.

Do you eat unapproved foods in front of your children?
Do you drink alcohol whilst your children are in the same domicile?
Do you watch porn (or engage in sexual activity) when the kiddies are in bed?
So you swear in the house, whether or not the children are present you do know that the bad words soak into the walls don't you?
Do you think about giving the little, flat faced, snaked eyed shits a clip round the ear from time to time? Bad thoughts leave an invisible trail in the air.

Is there a bag of salt, sugar, white flour in the larder. Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 of the currency of your choice.

The good news is that this lunacy contains the seeds of it's own destruction. The bad news is that living through the intervening years is going to be real shit.

PJHH said...

archive.org of Tom's blog-post.

No comments archived mentioning a bet however...

JonathanBagley said...

For practical purposes the ban would not apply to detached houses. Jersey suburbia is full of them. In the USA, even crystal meth addicts and serial killers live in detached houses.

nisakiman said...

For practical purposes the ban would not apply to detached houses.


Longrider said...

And how, precisely will they enforce it? In rented accommodation, there is a route via the landlord, but privately owned property is another matter.

Jay said...

I miss Tom's blog - he wrote well and allowed critical comments unlike that outrageous arse Paul thingy who used to edit comments and change their positioning on the thread to wind up/make a fool of the commenters. He probably thought he was just having a bit of sport but, IMHO, you don't mess with the comments of a voting public and sport at its expense.

John Gibson said...

Have you had any good nights out in your smokey drinky place recently, and have anyone from the council come around.
John Gibson

Michael J. McFadden said...

Actually, detached houses are probably safe for the moment, as long as no one under 21 is ever present in them and they are at least 100 meters from any neighboring property or right-of-way.

See? Nothing to get worried about!


nisakiman said...

Ah, but you are forgetting, Michael, that someone under 21 might move in at some later date, and they would then be exposed to deadly levels of third-hand smoke. Ergo, acting on the precautionary principle, detached houses will indeed come under the aegis of Tobacco Control in due course.

Michael J. McFadden said...

Indeed! I had forgotten that aspect of things! Shhh! Don't tell the Antis!


Dick_Puddlecote said...

Paul Flynn. Utter arse.

George Speller said...

OT (sorry) is anybody else having trouble reading Wordpress blogs - Frank Davies and Leg Iron?

Junican said...

Sometimes wordpress has a thromby.

Junican said...

Tom Harris thinks they're crazy? Not the right word. Demented would be better.

PJHH said...

LI's blocks me at work ('Spammer's IP address' apparently - we're not.)

FD's is fine.

Manx Gent said...

Not just Jersey where this was discussed. We had a 'public consultation exercise' here in Isle of Man late last year.
Lifelong non-smoker myself but I thought it was well over the top and guided folks to this and similar sites to ensure some informed response to the usual suspects. Result - idea shelved, rapid retreat of neo-puritans with tails between legs. It can be done, folks!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Awesome to hear, MG. Great work! :)