Friday 10 July 2009

Call Me A Cynic But ...

"The artists don't view you sexually - they see the body as a series of lines and shadows, a piece of art" - Sarah Snee, Life model

Not 100% of the time though, one would imagine (especially as you have obviously never been near the ugly tree and your body doesn't remotely resemble a bag of spanners). And it is a two-way street too, otherwise, why this?

"I was intrigued by the idea of being naked in front of strangers," says Sarah. "Especially at the age of 20 when you're still getting to know your own body and developing your own sexuality. It was a very romantic idea, a bohemian idea."

If there wasn't a basic human interest in sex and nudity, why the need for nude life classes at all? Or if it's just about shadows and lines, why not a dustbin or a wine bottle?

Just admit it. The attraction of nudity as a subject is the nudity itself, driven by mankind's DNA-wired urge to reproduce, and made attractive to artists by modern society's suppression of base instincts.

No point trying to pretend the sexual appeal doesn't exist to assuage the Whitehouse types. Everyone's happy, just celebrate it.


Anonymous said...

Have you been watching Channel 4 daytime by any chance? I accidentally (honest) strayed onto that today and there was this "being" (with tits but, apart from that ?????) and wondered - "are my pills making me see things"?

Dick Puddlecote said...

That's different.

Those who like drawing such stuff would be Roy Leichtenstein fans, or those who enjoy painting car crashes. ;-)

Barking Spider said...

Bet she still gets a wet fanny doing this!

banned said...

Just the Beeb trying to get down and dirty.

Ian B said...

Absolutely, and I speak as someone who draws erotica, or porn, or adult, take your pick, for a living.

The nudey body is great. It's sexy. It makes people smile. We shouldn't feel obligated to pretend that there is nothing sexual about nudity. It is sexual. That doesn't mean there is nothing else to it either; because "sexy" does not exclude artfulness or other aesthetics.

This is the terrible thing about living in a puritan society- sex is screened off from the rest of experience. We say something is porn or it is art. It's like saying a movie is a western or it is art, or a comedy or it is art. It can be both.