Wednesday 8 July 2009

Not Too Perky

I haven't felt great this morning. Could just be a bit of a chill, but I looked rough in the mirror.

D'ya reckon I should take anything for it?


Captain Ranty said...

Fuck no.

You look right as rain to me.

You hypochondriacs make me sick...

Unknown said...

Dick, you look as though you are doing things just right in life. What might those things be?

Well, you remind me of someone who used to tend (and very nicely too) a local public convenience, or if you’re old enough to remember – a toilet. No community was complete then without a thoroughly decent WC, which was usually jolly well attended, if you know what I mean.

You most certainly look as though you were that very person, that when approached with two shillings (two bob), you would then perform a certain service…joyously and without recriminations.

Sometimes you may have been approached by someone offering two shillings and sixpence… oh yes…for that more deluxe service, that only you could possibly tell us about…and on production of this said amount…you both (or perhaps more) would disappear quickly and silently into one of the cubicles, kept scrupulously clean for this very moment.

Yes Dick, you look as though your life has been a series of such events…fulfilling the wishes of those that…hmmm; I think I’ll stop right here Dick – ok?

Anyway, I raise my glass to you, or as your clients might have said…“Bottoms up!”

banned said...

"D'ya reckon I should take anything for it?
A stiff Laphroaig will probably do the trick.

BTS said...

Why is Liam Donaldson in your bathroom..?