Monday 13 July 2009

Sweet Memories

They brought back Wispa, so couldn't they bring back Fry's Five Centres too?

It was a box of chocolates in a bar. Five centres, but in seven sections so you never knew what mix of flavours you were going to be treated to next. Phased out in 1992, apparently. Shame, as I right fancy one at the moment.


Cate Munro said...

Oh Dick I LOVED these!

Even now my favourite chocolate (and I'm not a chocolate lover in particular) is Frys Chocolate Cream - like the Five Centres but with only the 1 type of fondant in the middle! Yum!

Gotta go - I'm salivating! ;-)

Unknown said...

Struth Dick and Tory, have you NEVER heard of obesity?

Now stop it while I tuck in to my lunchtime 'meaty Chinese style' ribs with a drop of wine to wash them down with.

Chocolates are so so un-PC and should come with a government health warning!

(Ah, chocolates, I remember them flavour, mmmmmm...and Chocolate Liquor's...Rum fla...errr...bugger, lost the thread of my argument for a minute Dick!)

Mark Wadsworth said...

DP, excellent plan.

When you're Health Minister, you can announce that the reason you've just sacked a hundred thousand 'five-a-day advisors' is because we don't need them any more - people can just go out and buy a packet of Fry's Five Centres instead.

Job done.

Sue said...

I loved Frys Five Centres. I am a soft centre freak and there's never enough of them in a box of choccies.

I'd forgotten all about them...

Anonymous said...

Almost but not quite Fry's: