Wednesday 8 July 2009

The Only Way Is Up

Travellers are set to face an inflation-busting increase in passport fees. The cost of a passport is set to rise to £77.50 - an increase of 7 per cent, the Home Office admitted last night.

Fewer Britons are going abroad as families tighten their belts in the recession, meaning applications for passports have fallen 400,000 below the expected level.

The service's income, which is entirely dependent on fees, has subsequently been left with a £32million black hole.

As a result, officials say fees have had to be raised to make the books balance.

That's OK. Once the economy recovers and more people need passports again, the price will, without doubt, be reduced accordingly.

What are you sniggering at? Was it something I said?


banned said...

What happened to the laws of supply and demand ? I thought you had to reduce prices if demand went down ?
Any sign of them reducing overheads/staff in these lean times ?
Oh, I forgot, this is a Public Service Monoploly so that explains it.

BTS said...

So they have less work to do but are charging more? Gis a job..?

I bet it still takes forever to get a bloody passport as well..