Thursday 23 December 2010

Knowing What's Best For You

This isn't a perfect quality video but the sound is adequate enough to understand what is going on, including the usual objections by the police to being filmed. I found it rather disturbing and reminiscent of the cases Christopher Booker has been highlighting for the past couple of years.

It's true that we don't know the full story, but it's also clear that the teenager concerned was adamant that he wished to stay with his father, and doesn't appear to be under any duress. Can it really be in the best interests of the kid to be ordered by police to put his shoes on or be removed forcibly into council care, a few days before Christmas?

Most disturbing of all to my mind, though, is the policeman's repeated assertion that a piece of paper in his hand is justification for over-riding the will of a teenager as to where he wishes to live.

For the chiiildren? Hmmm.

UPDATE: Jackart has written an incredibly thoughtful piece after watching the video. Highly recommended.


Jackart said...

An over active state is malign. Good post.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling in the future this will all turn out to be the scandal of the early 21st century.
Of course the government of the time will apologise.
Bit like the children sent to Australian labour camps.

Just Woke Up said...

The video says more than words.

Arbeit macht frei!

Twisted Root said...

You touch on the weasel phrase 'child's best interests'.
Not what the child wants. Not best interests as defined by the parent, but as defined by the court (state).

This became the guiding principle at just about the same time as secrecy decended on family court procedings.

True we do not know all of the facts, but that it because we are forbidden from knowing.

That is why to me this video is distressing and very worrying.

George Speller said...

Chilling indeed. The awesome power of a malevolent state.

Anonymous said...

Don't suppose they will show this one on the BBC then ?
How about the Daily Mail ?
Sky news ?
The Guardian ?
No definately not the global warming post.
MSM hang your heads in shame.

Zaphod said...

It's quite well established that the state is an appalling parent substitute. A natural family home would have to be really bad to be worse than what the state offers.

It's difficult to imagine how these perpetrators can live with themselves.

Ben said...

Horribly distressing!

Trooper Thompson said...

This disgusts me so deeply. Does anyone have contact details for the father? I feel I should try to help.

Anonymous said...

its a shame really, the fifth column has been active for years. my advice would be to get out whilst you can before they start shooting you "whilst trying to escape".

i left britain mnay years ago but it is clear that the whole place is imploding - though i did have more than an inkling that it was going that way.

you must gather together with like minded people for protection or you can expect the police to come to your house and take you away too.

the fifth column decided to destroy britain in three ways, destroy the education system, destroy the working wage, destroy the family.

i suggest you read "1984" before it is outlawed