Friday 31 December 2010

Today Europe, Tomorrow ...

While you may be dreaming about our getting out of the EU, it would seem President Barroso is mulling ideas to the contrary.

We have come to Tripoli to identify sustainable solutions to today's challenges. These solutions will bring our peoples, our businesses, our cultures and our youth closer together.

We have come to Tripoli with the fascinating long-term perspective of a Euro-African economic area in mind – an area which will provide opportunities for 2.5billion citizens by 2050.
Some of us are old enough to remember when it was merely a European 'economic area in mind', but that was many EC directives ago.

Barroso's vision may be understandable though, just look at how many citizens we are talking here. 2.5bn is a lot of units for megalomaniacal people to play with, the scope for paper-shuffling fees and increases in self-importance is enormous.

Sometimes you wish they would just be honest about it all by hollowing out a volcano and filling it with flashing gadgets, inept uniformed foot soldiers, and some hungry sharks for if an inconvenient spy should turn up.

Oh, and a big fluffy white cat, natch.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

OH NO!!!!

"sustainable solutions"

Shit, we really are in trouble.

Quick! call in the meaningless buzzword quick reaction force.

subrosa said...

The third EU-Africa summit was held in Libya just last month Dick.

subrosa said...

Damn, I should have checked your link first. :)

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I think Mr Barrosso is tippy toeing around a few domestic issues here...

The last time Spain imported meaningful quantities of African labour they were Moroccan mercenaries employed by Franco and they tortured and butchered many tens of thousands of innocent civilians in a frightful orgy of devastation across the peninsula.

That is in living memory, the señor is playing with fire in this matter.

Trooper Thompson said...

Unfortunately sharks have been put on the endangered list, but we could probably get some sea bass.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Euro - African Superstate?

A Superstate of failed states? Cool.

To my mind Britain has been going downhill since we signed the Act of Union.