Sunday 12 December 2010


I forgot to mention that the event I attended at Europe House on Friday did come to one universally-acknowledged conclusion.

The EU and the shenanigans therewithin are dead boring.

That, you see, is the reason why British people are so antipathetic towards it. Why most of us really couldn't give a monkey's gonads what they get up to. Yes, it's annoying when the fuckers are passing all-encompassing directives which no-one over here wants, but that's the nature of the beast. They could, though, at least entertain us while they rip freedoms away, eh?

With that in mind, I'm personally gutted about this.

Back in June, the European Parliament voted on new food labelling rules, including new country of origin labelling and a requirement to label meat from animals slaughtered without stunning (according to certain religious traditions). In a spirit of religious tolerance, it was agreed not to insist on an outright ban of no-stun slaughter, despite the fact that it contravenes standards of animal welfare that are aspired to in European slaughter houses.
Ah bollocks! I was so looking forward to the victimhood poker, as I mentioned a while ago.

On one side we have the meat is murder/animal welfare brigade, on the other, the massed ranks of Islam and Judaism.

Could be a cracker, especially if the EU and PETA get involved too. A gold-plated, lefty, righteous, tag-team classic bout.
Sadly, it was not to be. Hey, EU, where's your sense of fun?

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