Monday 20 December 2010

Public Sector Demand

I've seen a vision of the future.

Yesterday, a post office van stopped outside Puddlecote Towers and mercifully delivered two rather large packages ordered online about a week or so before. After this unexpected relief (they were the little Ps' major pressies), I watched through the window as the same guy distributed five other smaller packages to houses in the near neighbourhood.

On a Sunday.

I've been ordering online for nearly a decade now but I've never seen that before. But this year's two bouts of snow-wrestling must have put such a strain on postal backlog that something had to be done about it.

Such items are regularly too big for a postman to carry on his round, so who could blame them for not doing so? Apart from the Daily Mail, of course. As such, and since online shopping will become increasingly prevalent in the future, we could soon be seeing the Sunday delivery round becoming a fairly regular occurrence.

It's good to see adaptation from the Royal Mail. A state funded organisation identifying that they must change to fit the preferences of the public who pay their wages.

It would be nice if the NHS could follow the same principle. You know, adapt their state funded service to the lifestyles of those who pay for it, instead of taking our money then ordering us all to change our way of life.

Just saying.


JohnRS said...

The Post Office is, of course, under the threat of partial/total privatisation. The NHS is not.

Just saying.

Dick Puddlecote said...

An excellent observation, John, wish I'd been astute enough to recognise that while writing the article. :)