Wednesday 15 December 2010

This Is Turning Into A Saga

Since we are enjoying (?) such cold weather at the moment, this article in which I mention sweltering heat, seems such a very long time ago.

After prodding a broom at a few bits of gravel, they came to the conclusion that the paint wouldn't stick as the surface wasn't flat enough. So they did the municipal equivalent of calling for back up.

"We'll have to get someone with a bigger broom", said one of the two, before they offered a cheery adieu and drove off. One would have assumed that a team detailed to paint yellow lines would be supplied with all equipment required for the job they were sent to do, but hey, I'm a private sector businessman, what do I know? No sign of the mythical nuclear broom thus far, though.
Guess what! It turned up on Thursday, a mere five months after their initial attempt.

A big truck - complete with vital big broom - rolled to the mouth of the car park, and one of the council workmen asked our maintenance guy to move the two cars parked where they wanted to paint the lines. Unfortunately for them, they aren't our cars. We do vans, you see.

"So, whose are they, then?", the driver asked.
"Local residents'"
"Do you know what numbers they live at?"
"Haven't a clue"

He returned to his cab, had a chat with his colleague, and presumably rang someone at council HQ while the engine idled loudly for about ten minutes. Following which, they drove off.

We expected them back soon after accompanied by someone to help locate the car owners, but nothing yet.

Who knew painting yellow lines was such a convoluted business, eh?


EricTheMad said...

Simple solution....

Dick Puddlecote said...

Eric: Haha. Of course, should a member of the public have done that, they'd be fined for vandalism or grafftit.

Angry Exile said...

Don't forget to let us know about the next attempt, presumably sometime around May.