Wednesday 20 April 2011

A Bit Of A 'Do'

You may have noticed (or, more accurately, not have noticed) sparse content here of late. As previously mentioned, my fingers being immersed in many differing pies at year end is a bit of a handicap writing-wise. It's not going to get much better in the short term either as I'm popping over to Belgium for an event at the weekend, taking in this place on the way natch.

And with all those bank holidays stacking up in the next few days, I'll have my small business HR hat on tomorrow to get everyone paid in time for the additional one that Cameron kindly gave us to celebrate the royal wedding. This is the April 29th which is costing our modest business in the region of £3,000 in wages, which can't be covered by billing, since none of our vehicles will be running. Our employment contracts enable us to withhold a day's pay under the circumstances but we're not doing that, though I dare say that firms who do so will turn up in the press somewhere being dubbed as evil scrooges. The government's 30%-ish deductions month-in month-out, though, will continue to be unquestionably regarded as righteous.

Such is life. Sadly.

There's also a bit of a do going on at the Adam Smith Institute tomorrow evening if you are a blogger, which some people concede I may be, even if a trifle tabloid so they say. As such I will be trotting up there to be abused by Mark Wadsworth like last year.

In fact, here's a bit of trivia for you - I was initially pencilled in as a speaker at this year's event before an ASI staff change which led to their finally plumping for these lightweights.

Bloggers' Bash 2011: 'Blogging: Yesterday's news?'

Title: Blogging: Yesterday's news?
Speakers: Tim Montgomerie (ConHome), Douglas Carswell MP ( and Harry Cole (Guido Fawkes blogger)
Pah! What do they know about inadequacy, pimples, and spewing and ranting, eh?

Still, if you're going, perhaps I'll see you there. I shouldn't be hard to spot. Being a smoker, I'll be one of the few with two heads, surrounded by passers-by clutching their heart, while I laugh demonically and feast on a baby in a bun.

Why not come and say hello ... if you dare?


WitteringsfromWitney said...

See you there DP!

Snowolf said...

Was planning to come up, unfortunately I'll be stuck at work.

Priorities, etc.

Simon Cooke said...

Would love to be there but:

1. It's in bloody London - would cost a couple of ton just to get there and back
2. I have an election to fight (and win?)

But I'm sure you'll have a jolly time - suggest they hold their next bash in Bradford. There would be curry.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Mmmmm ... curry. :)

Christopher Snowdon said...

Wish I could be there. I enjoyed it last year. I do, however, have a good excuse which I'll tell you about some time.

Trooper Thompson said...

I may be there, if they let me in!

Clarissa said...

I'll be there. Looks like plenty of other reprobates will be as well.

Katabasis said...

See you there folks!

nisakiman said...

Cheap in Belgium, innit! I pay €7.40 for 50g of GV here in Greece.

BTW, what the bloody hell is Tabs Tobacco? There's a huge choice on offer on the linked website.

lenko said...

Say hello to all the fag shops for me... and why not drop in Adinkerke's pub, the Rover's Return, for a quick pint or three?

Mick Turatian said...

Aha! So it's Harry Cole as a guest speaker rather than Paul Staines?

The Guido Fawkes site says that Guido will be there.

A shame for those hoping to be in the presence of the Great Organ-Grinder only to find that it's his bumptious and barely literate monkey who pitches up instead.

Tom Clougherty said...

Sorry, Dick! Didn't know we had penciled you in. Philip has moved on to write for City AM and Sally is running our events now, so perhaps you got lost in the handover. Hope you had a good time anyway.

Dick Puddlecote said...

No worries Tom, was happy enough to be considered. And of course I enjoyed it, there was beer. :)