Saturday, 16 April 2011

Link Tank 16/04

Gotta take the rough with the smooth, I find.

"There is no natural home in British politics for the genuinely libertarian"

Giving up booze causes cancer

Wal-Mart ditches progressive experiments to regain its customers

Australia takes team gold in the tobacco control olympics

Australia again - government to slow down gambling machines and legislate to reduce stakes

Attaching a nine volt battery to your head improves video game performance

Free porn lowers rape rates

The busybody war on packed lunches

China bans time travel for television

Alcohol gives us a religious experience

Dead flies art


Pavlov's Cat said...

Amusing how WalMart didn't learn from Nu-Labour's experiment in alienating its core customer base.

I reads almost exactly the same as their own 'progressive' road map

Unknown said...

Another great selection of links DP.

When I saw Al Gore's name in the WalMart piece the whole story became clear. It was Al Gore that said that smoking was contributing to GW.

As for the free porn link I now know why I never became a rapist, thank god for the tinternet eh, that and the fact I've got permenant brewers droop :¬)

Angry Exile said...

Re the gambling thing down here. It's one of Gingery Dullard's compromises to be PM. The short version is that Andrew Wilkie, an independent MP elected last year, is one of the frothing anti-gambling crowd that Aussie politics throws up (and later on throws out) from time to time. This particular clown promised to support the government if they promised to introduce anti-pokie machine legislation. If he doesn't get his way he'll withdraw support for the government and reduce Jules' already slender majority, putting her even more under the influence of the other two independents and the single Green.

It may interest people to know that in addition to being a paternalist I'd say Wilkie's also a bit of a strange 'un, but definitely not a nazi, oh no, not even slightly nazi-ish, and even if he did once make a load of officer cadets at the Royal Military College Duntroon do nazi salutes on Adolf's birthday he doesn't remember it.

Zaphod said...

"Volunteers receiving 2 milliamps to the scalp (about one-five-hundredth the amount drawn by a 100-watt light bulb)"

Duh? Would that be a light bulb the size of Wales, or of a tennis court?

What kind of scientific illiterate readers do Nature have these days?

It's a five-hundredth of an amp, not of a light bulb.

Anyone who can't picture an amp, doesn't know what current is. They'll assume it's a five-hundredth of the power, not current, of a lightbulb. Wrong, and not remotely helpful.

Sorry, I can't help it. They dumbed down New Scientist too.

Dick the prick said...

'Banning a child's packed lunch' is one of the most pernicious and egregious invasions of the state that can be passively either witnessed or enforced. The debate that the child prefers tomato sauce in his egg butties has long since been enacted and won. Are schools so arrogant as to believe that for the 1 meal per day that the child is out of the parent's sight that it must be forced to abandon their devoted nose bag, observed, peer reviewed, nourished, loved and NONE OF ANYONE ELSE's fucking business, (and plus it's quite likely that the little bastard will munch it) - to exchange that all for some fucking peas? Tossers.

School kitchens have to get better first before customers go. There is a bit of a difference between school dinners and takeaways but that's the fiver that's given to them a day and the lack of fucking 'here's yer lunch yer little shit'.'s fucking cart before the horse.