Saturday 23 April 2011

Link Tank 23/04

Easter chewing material for the eyes.

How are those high taxes working out for ya, USA? Violent criminals expand into cigarettes

Beer as an indicator of global happiness

Is roadkill safe to eat? (includes roadkill raccoon recipe vid)

Copyright school for YouTube users

Are you stupid enough to vote no to AV?

Oral sex gives men cancer

Awards for councilmen who repealed smoking ban

Facebook's like button celebrates its first birthday

What do eggs have to do with Easter?

World Medical Association lie to get e-cigs banned

Whale pop songs


Anonymous said...

If you are "fed up" with ragout of roadkill racoon, you could always try:

Alan Bates

SadButMadLad said...

I'm not totally happy to see Raccoon roadkill used as meat. They are sentient beings and should have a proper burial service.


Anonymous said...

One reason they are trying to pin oral cancer on men to HPV is that forced Guarasil vaccinations have only been forced onto females. That leaves a good 50% of the potential market base of revenue unearned. Forcing the vaccination insures income direct from governments who do the enforcement of the campaign, so it's a sure-fired revenue earner, more important than stopping oral cancer is the amount of potential revenue for pharmaceuticals there for the taking.

If they are trying to claim tobacco companies are selling e-cigs then someone's got their head screwed on wrong. Tobacco and pharmaceuticals are both fighting e-cigs because they don't want any competition in the marketplace and both have a cozy set-up going pretending to fight one another while setting up their marketing plans together in backroom deals.

Yep, ban sugar water steam, too dangerous, to profits that is.

Unknown said...

High tobacco taxes leading to smuggling and rampant crime??? Whoda thunkit?

Funny how fleecing smokers, at the same time as they denormalise them, is a must for local politicians to fund local services...whoda thunkit?

It's a funny old world eh.

Unknown said...

Hadn't looked at the other links before I commented above.

"Oral sex gives men cancer" Well that's alright then, havn't been muff diving for many a year now and as a smoker I am now quietly confident that I'll not get the big C as I smoke and love a drink or three...oh chit!

As for Campbell County councilors getting an award for bucking the trend, and it is a trend, by voting down an anti business smoking ban...HURRAY for common sense. Does the UK have ANY property rights legislation?

Anyway DP, have a good Easter with your good Mrs and the kids and I hope next weeks three day week does not harm your business too much on account of a certain wedding coming off, (I did hear that some business will lose around £10,000 in lost business and wage bills).

Anonymous said...

One of the main reasons electronic cigarettes are a problem for us anti-smokers is that we require seeing you stand out-front in a highly visible location and putting out a large quantity of smoke that has a strong smell to it, to lead us in the right direction. We also require smokers to take a long time to work through an entire tobacco cigarette so there is enough time for us to work our way over to your side of the street and belch out enough fake-coughs with which to berate you.

With electronic cigarettes the problem is you can do it furtively and so quickly that we might not even know you did it, even inside, thus not giving us the opportunity to remind you that we are the better people.

It also cuts into our base of support because our supporters also want to feel the sheer elated pleasure of superiority and well stroked ego. Without allowing our base that strong sense of prideful feeling, then we may lose some of their support which we so desperately need if we are to achieve our much hoped for final solution.

Thus you can understand our deep concern over the bad health effects of the electronic cigarette. Plus it cuts into our revenue stream from pharmaceuticals, as a practical matter.

Yours Truly,
John Banzhaf