Saturday 9 April 2011

Saved By Legislative Labelling

Because I may not have noticed.

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nisakiman said...

Well they can't be too careful now, can they...

After all, we are only the proletariat, unable to think for ourselves.

Thank heaven for those so very wise and caring legislators who look after our every health need, and show us the errors of our ways that for some reason we are unable to see, or understand ourselves.

Where would we be without them?


The real question is, does it contain nuts?

gladiolys said...

Oh D'Uh! I'd always assumed "Free Range" meant they were a range of eggs that were egg free... No wonder I've come over all stupid.

Unknown said...

This blog may contain views, depending on your view of views! It may also contain nuts but that is down to the nuts that have commented, the owner of this blog has no power over them but let's them be nuts for the sake of clarity and understanding of peoples views in the wider world.

The owner of this blog may be interpreted by some people who read his blog for anti social reasons, and by that I mean the nutjobs from ASH HQ and the smokefree anoraks that frequent blogs like this, fuckin' nutters!

But he is just a hero to the likes of us plebs. Us plebs that may be drunk after winning a few bob on our national horse race but he still tells it as he sees it.

What a fuckin' nutjob he is!

The truth, pah, who needs it?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be 'may contain egg' just in case there's a stillborn foetus in there. Grounds for a lawsuit maybe?


*waits for a Warning label a la McDonalds/Starfucks*


Lysistrata said...

Fabulous. Thanks DP. FFS.
I am speechless.

Well not totally or I wouldn't be posting, would I?

Does anyone else think TBY may have been drinking btw? It's a very...ASTRAL PLANE...sort of comment. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many layers of bureacracy and government oversight a requirement to label staple generic foods as containing just what they are have cost the taxpayer this year. If they want to do a cost study, they should do a study on that. There is probably a Minister of Eggs, Minister of Potatos, Minister of Rice, etc. tucked away somewhere in one of those government office buildings. It is after all, job creation for the most loyal devotees to the one/same party of lunatics running things these days. Monty Python has become reality while throwing smokers, drinkers and lard eaters to the lions has replaced Monty Python and become their entertainment.

Anonymous said...

just kike when you recieve post from the local authoritieis to fill in a form, first question name and adress.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I'm going to sue those f-ers.

I made my little girl some scrambled egg with them and she nearly choked to death, I rushed her down the A&E and the nurse explained what the problem might have been.

In future, I would like their packaging to be clearly labelled "MAY CONTAIN EGGSHELLS".