Friday 15 April 2011

Snookering E-Cig Opposition

In the wake of the recent government consultation on the future of e-cigs, I mentioned that their increasing public popularity was a major ally in the battle to ensure the devices remain legal.

Of course, celebrity endorsement - either officially, or by the famous simply being seen with one in public - is a potentially big driver of e-cig awareness to those who haven't yet heard of them. There are plenty of examples in Hollywood, and elsewhere, of the glitterati getting into vaping, but for your average Joe or Jane in the UK, this guy is far more relevant.

Adding to our many thousands of already satisfied customers, English professional snooker player Jimmy White (MBE) is now using a ‘Wicked 510 Titan E-NIC’.

Mr White is now a regular ‘Totally Wicked’ customer and happily uses his ‘E-NIC’ during snooker tournaments. He benefits from being able to use the product in non-smoking areas without breaking his concentration and helping him to stay ahead of his game.
Personally, I'd like to have seen The Whirlwind using a Tornado (like mine), but then headlines don't always dutifully write themselves like that, more's the pity.

Still, here's a down-to-earth hero of transport caff culture sidestepping the smoking ban and proving that e-cigs are not just toys for the mega-rich. As publicity goes, it's an e-cig industry dream.

White then and now - how things change, eh?

This is yet more evidence that the vaping genie is fast escaping the e-liquid bottle, and it's beginning to look, thankfully, as if only spitefully anger-inducing - and monumentally stupid - legislation will be able to cap it.


Woodsy42 said...

Monumentally stupid has never stopped them before.

Anonymous said...

An industry born out of succesive smoking bans, so now they want to ban e-cigs?

We are governed by fucking arseholes.

Anonymous said...


Couldn't agree with you more about the choice of E-Cig model. Mine is called the Joye eGO and I believe this is also sold by Wicked as indicated here

These are second generation devices which are much better than the older much weaker 510.

Great Blog BTW. I am a regular reader although I do not comment very often.

Expat Brit living in Canada.

richard h said...

Dick, Excellent post, Jimmy W. is himself quite wicked - an amazing player. I agree this does bode well for E-Cigs. I use,the quite boring to some, KR808d-1 auto myself, but I enjoy it immensely and that's really all that's important. I also agree with your posters that "stupid" has certainly never stopped the "self- appointed righteous" from prohibiting the rest of us mere mortals from enjoying ourselves but I really hope that you are correct that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to pull off.

James Dunworth said...

I agree that size in numbers will help. On the other hand, smokers, drinkers and fast food fans form a sizeable portion of the population, and that doesn't seem to be stopping the attacks on them. I think there ought be an umbrella interest group which resists all attacks on freedom, regardless of what the attack is on or what political persuasion the attackers or the attacked are.

timbone said...

I was on one of my regular visits to Benidorm last month, a mixture of work and relaxation. Practically all of the stand up comics in Benidorm smoke on stage. Now that Spain (which until 2nd January 2011 was a bastion of smoking tolerance) are trying to be California II, what are the comedians doing? Vaping

James Dunworth said...

After the smoking ban came in we had people ringing up and telling us there were no e-cigarettes left in the country, they had all been bought up.

nisakiman said...

I'm sure that the antis will try to get restrictions put on e-cigs. The whole concept of people "smoking" offends them, and they must be incandescent at the thought of people actually smoking e-cigs in bars and restaurants.

I mean, they are flouting the whole spirit of the ban! That is that nobody should enjoy themselves, and here they are smoking e-cigs! So they must be banned!

I read somewhere recently that the PTB in the US have banned their use on flights. With what justification I'm not sure, but probably for the reasons I outlined above.

Where I am, I can still go to a bar and enjoy a rollie with my beer, so I haven't tried e-cigs yet; I've browsed the same site you gave the links to a few times with a view to buying a starter pack, but having no knowledge of the differences between the various lines on offer I've not yet ordered anything. And it's not like buying twenty fags, which if you don't like the brand you just try another. It's a fifty quid outlay. Still, I'll have to bite the bullet and take a punt on getting it right first time I guess!

Dembones said...

I bought my OH e-cigs for a long-haul flight. He was so pleasantly surprised he used it solely for a week beforehand and has decided to use the e-cig permanently in the car and indoors. For a +60/day roll-up smoker that is progress.

My son will by starting on his e-cigs this week.

One problem however, discovered prior to the flight that KLM do not allow e-cigs. I gather the justification is that other passengers may think you are smoking.