Saturday 9 April 2011

Link Tank 09/04

This week's selection box - the top one will be coming to a street near you soon, if it hasn't already.

Illegal traders selling "10 times as much" smuggled tobacco on New York streets after tax hike

Rehabilitated sex offenders to be banned from public areas in - you guessed it - California

Nearly 10 million motor vehicles to be banned from 8 French cities

Japan sees the introduction of Burger King's Meat Monster Whopper

Nude female web coders required

Getting priorities right: Aussies test beer for future space tourists

Racist monkeys

Utah politico demands more porn prosecutions on the back of imagined problems

McDonald's USA to hire 50,000 workers in one day

Austrian baker who made a Nazi cake claims he was just following orders

Stories which look like April Fools but aren't

And an update from two weeks ago (link 5) ... they sacked her


Unknown said...

That first link was a bloody great find DP. I'm of down the road to the North Ormesby market and then to the pub not so far away. I'll buy three 50g pouches of Golden Virginia for £7.50 each, not from a man in a van but a man in a pub, he sits in the same place twice a week and does not hide the fact that he is selling. They retail at £12.50 in the local supermarket nearby.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, pedophiles, rapists and smokers banned from parks and beaches in liberal Kalifornia. I predict a backlash from the sex offenders being associated with smoker scum!!