Friday 22 April 2011

A Creation Now More Important Than The Creator

Aah, Good Friday. A day to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross, marked by just over two billion people around the world. Roughly a third of the global population.

So what do Google choose for their front page today?

That's right. Earth Day, a lefty exercise in self-flagellation concocted in the dying years of hippies and free love, and increasingly celebrated by a few religion-hating members of the new church of Gaia.

What was it the second commandment said about having 'no other gods than me', again? If the tablets were right, Google, you're hellbound.


William said...

Ah but any reference to Good Friday might upset a Muslim somewhere and that will never do.

d said...

Pedant alert - err, it was the 1st commandment.

Have a cracking Easter DP & family P - awesome weather what what; stupid hats are a must.

smokervoter said...

Google headquarters are in the same neighborhood as Earth Day co-creator Paul Ehrlich's batcave at Stanford University. You know, the Prescient One. It's best to steer clear of his Organic Soothsayer's Stew as it is 40 years, and still counting, past its shelf date.

Anonymous said...

Worship the shadow not the light,

Worship the result not the source.

Worship the collective not the individual.

Happy Pagan Earth Day, more important than Good Friday this year and may the devil take this world for the sin of false worshipping.

Angry Exile said...

I'd add that this year Easter Monday falls on ANZAC Day, so I'm interested to see what if anything they have teed up for tomorrow's Google Doodle on the and .nz sites. Being the secular type I am I'd hope they go with the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who've sacrificed their lives over the last century or so ahead of one bloke who said he was doing the same thing a couple of thousand years ago.

Dick Puddlecote said...

d: Ta for the correction. Perhaps I'm getting confused with 'thou shalt not create a false idol'. My RE classes seem so very long ago now.

Dick the prick said...

I only got it from the first episode of the West Wing so not so many brownie points here either.