Wednesday 10 August 2011

Letter From An Earthquake Zone

I came across an article at Crampton's place which I was going to include in Saturday's link tank but - while I was hammering the hell out of some pork loins* - thought deserving of more comment.

I'll let the Kiwi author describe why it is relevant to those of us who are the right way up.

Dear UK rioters

If ever I question my faith in rebuilding our beautiful southern city, I will think of you and this last day and remember why Christchurch matters and why we bother doing what we’re doing.

I spent the day today at our city’s earthquake damaged stadium. Here we are agonising over how to fix the damage nature has done. You’ve spent the same day incinerating shops and homes, looting, trying hard to find new ways to burn down the place real English citizens call home.

We have fallen victim simply to gravity and we will rebuild stronger and better here. You who are striking down your cities are nasty little neanderthalic two bit muppets with too much time on your hands and pathetic hate in your hearts, the waste products of drugs, laziness and chronic dependency. You don’t have it in you to build. You only have it in you to destroy.
That's just a taster. I can recommend popping over there and reading the whole thing, juxtaposing as it does a citizen in an earthquake-torn community struggling to get everything back to normal, with a cosseted and destructive mindset on the other side of the globe.

It must be as heart-breaking as a starving African reading about a lardy American's tantrum over a McDonald's Drive-Through getting their order wrong.

The only part I'd take significant issue with is the suggestion that we citizens collectively created these people. So I'll just edit that bit a tad.

Dear UK Citizens – for you I mourn, I grieve, I send my love and compassion. Your rioters are a vile minority, but you your politicians have bred them and fostered them and unless you change the way you your politicians nurture them they will be with you for generations to come.
How we are supposed to do that in a three party state which has no intention of changing its line on ineffectual education, PC-led inertia and a lily-livered judicial system, I don't know.

But when even lefty blogs are admirably appalled, there is a tangible national will to do so. You just know it won't happen, though.

Just as we know that if, like Christchurch, London did suffer an earthquake tomorrow, the tax leeches who were on the streets for hours in London on Monday would be the very last ones to leave their homes to do something useful.

* Coat in chopped lemon and parsley, breadcrumbs, fry two minutes each side in olive oil on a high heat - lovely.


Anonymous said...

London is part of England? He has been away for too long me thinks.
You will not have to take my word for it, you can ask Red Ken, you can ask Boris, Alibibi Brown. No my friend, London is now a WORLD CAPITAL and belongs to the "cosmopolitan" residents of London. It is no longer the capital of England.
I give an example:
After the Beigin/Peking Olympics, Team GB arrived home and the following celebrations were organised:
Team Wales were paraded through Cardiff (the capital of Wales).
Team Scotland were paraded through Edinburg ( Capital of Bonny Scotland).
Team Northern Ireland were toasted by the inhabitants of Belfast, their capital.
Team England - No such thing, no parade through London as the "English" team, oh no, they had to make do with being lumped in with team GB in Trafalgar square.
When the "cosmopolitan" owners of London have succeeded in turning it into the shithole from whence they fled seeking asylum, with their Sharia no go areas and Afro carribean, drug warlord, no go areas etc. etc. and they've repaid the "Nasty" English for causing all the ills of the world by burning the place to the ground, they may wish to move back to their motherlands, when that happens we will take back London and return it to it's rightful place as the proud capital of England, unfortunately not in my time.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is bothered about a few hundred shops and stores
destroyed ,thats nothing compared
with the 12,000 PLUS pubs,bars,
clubs and socials wrecked and vandalised by Westminster traitors.
What do the ruling elite expect when they treat millions of their
own citizens like animals.
Animals dont have rules

Done crying


Roger Thornhill said...

Yes absolutely those politicians (not "my", no siree!) built the Fabian prison farm in which such people were propagated. Propagated, because they always exist and will always exist, but not is such great numbers, not seeded out to all places via "integration" and "social housing" quotas - believe you me this problem will get worse unless THAT little "idea" is snuffed out - not fed and watered and continually moved into larger and larger pots while taxpayers have to make do with whatever tiny cracks in the patio they can cling on to.

That said, no child chose to be born to their parents. No child wanted to be neglected. Now, do not get me wrong here, I am not suggesting go-kart weekends, I am suggesting a sharp reminder of right and wrong, but not in a "throw em in jail and throw away the key" spirit, but punishment and then rehabilitation.

If we want these scrotes to stop being scrotes and become productive, some form of rehab is necessary. Some might benefit from square bashing with a bit of beasting from the Provo Sgt, but not all.

Some are just amoral, opportunistic thieves, others are deeply disturbed and broken individuals who might be rescued.

I am not convinced the State is the best organ to help those damaged souls because the State is a major contributor to their creation. I would rather see support for local solutions and of course the rub is we need to stop taxing the buggery out of everyone so there exists a little slack for such groups or individuals to operate. We need to clear away bureaucratic or planning barriers also.

the State needs to focus on such clearances and to remove the incentivisation of lifestyles that appear to increase the numbers of maladjusted individuals.

Yes, education is important and so is the ending of automatic, legally-binding "entitlement". The problem with pushing welfare to a monopoly state run system is that it, by its very nature, results in legally-binding entitlement type structures, because they are not funded from free will and not run by those who decide to fund it.

We need to citizens to not be prevented from defending themselves or their property, the legal system has to operate under Rule of Law, broken people need to be curbed and hopefully fixed while the production lines creating dysfunctional individuals must be starved of resources.

Lyn said...

I agree Roger.

One big issue that I see is with education.

Instead of pushing and persecuting those that are academically challenged, create education that plays to their strengths.

Yes, basic reading, writing and arithmatic are needed, but not the further acadamic slog for many. Hands on, practical education that will see them able to gain useful and gainful employment and be part of society instead of being them being chucked on the slag heap of failure!

Anonymous said...

Is the phrase "Hammering Hell out of some pork loins" some sort of euphemism ? If not, it should be.

Be careful of your eyesight !

Anonymous said...

Off Topic.....

A 27-year-old man was killed on Wednesday evening when falling masonry hit him while he was an outside customer of a Battersea restaurant.

Question: Was the Smoking Ban in any way responsible for his being outside and, if so, where does that place the liability for his death ?

JuliaM said...

"...the waste products of drugs, laziness and chronic dependency."

Spot on!

Turing word: mankers Close...