Friday 19 August 2011

Though Isolated, Stony Stratford Councillor Gamely Struggles On

Here's something especially for one of my most recent e-mail subscribers.


[...] while the move may seem to be an obvious step forward for anti-smoking campaigners, some believe it would actually be detrimental – claiming it could force smokers indoors, where the effects of passive smoking are far higher.

"Our priority must be reducing the known health risks (sic) associated with second-hand smoke exposure," explained Sheila Duffy of Ash Scotland. "These risks are at their highest in enclosed indoor spaces and while some find smoke exposure outdoors unpleasant, the health risks of outdoor exposure are likely to be small in comparison.

"Prohibiting smoking in large areas like whole towns or city centres could displace smoking to areas like cars and homes where the risks are higher or more vulnerable groups like children can be exposed."
Oh dear. It would seem that even ASH think you're as nutty as a bag of KP, Herr Bartlett.

Cue more swivel-eyed e-mail craziness, I suspect.

While we're on the subject, here's a date for your diary, fellow jewel robbers: Tuesday 20th September, 7pm, St Mary & St Giles Church in Stony Stratford. According to an impeccable local source, "a certain councillor will move to have smoking banned in the High Street ... should be lively!".


Anonymous said...

ASH have been shot in the head as soon as they put it above the parapet on outside smoking.

It looks like the spin machine has been in overdrive trying to retrieve defeat from the jaws of victory.

You would never call me cynical, eh?

Karl Fasbracke said...

As far as I can see the goal of organizations like ASH is first of all self-preservation. It does not really matter what the advocate as long as they advocate something. Whether they promote an outdor smoking ban or not, in both cases it conceals the real question: who said that ASH has a say in this regard?

Trooper Thompson said...

ASH will back anything if they think they can get away with it. Whatever advances their agenda is fine. If they are not pushing this, it's because they think it may provoke a backlash, their plan always being 'softly softly'.

A similar response occurred when the lunatics in Liverpool council were talking about making every film in which anyone smoked an 18 certificate. ASH did the calculation, reckoned they couldn't get away with it, so backed off, although they supported the aim.

Did I mention ASH are puritanical fanatical sadistical scum? Also, no news to some, I expect but ASH get funded by the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK, so remember that next time one of their charity muggers smiles at you.

Bill Gibson said...

Get over it ASH .. Air Filtration does Clear the Air

Anonymous said...

A total outdoor ban MIGHT be the
catalyst to stir into action,the chicken livered,yellow ,headbowing,
smoking hobbits who crack on they
are Brits.
The sad reality is ,a silly little insect in some flea bitten southern hamlet apparently has more bollocks than 9-11 million
frightened fumers.

Chain smoking hermit