Tuesday 2 August 2011

Yours, Helpless Of Ireland

Just a minor fisking, if you don't mind.

Electronic cigarettes have been removed from the shelves of leading Irish pharmacies because the products may be unsafe.
Says who? Thus far available evidence says nothing of the sort.

Invented by a Chinese pharmacist, the devices can be charged through a computer and allow people to smoke where tobacco is banned.
Good, innit? Not helpful for sales of NRT products sold by, err, pharmacies though.

Concern has been expressed that the cigarettes, which contain nicotine, may produce harmful chemicals.
Again. By whom?

The EU needs to establish if they should be classified as medical devices, medicines or tobacco products.
Ah, I see. The behemoth universal European state as mother, father, auntie, uncle, and wet nurse to helpless effete Irish retailers.

Back on the fags then, Irish vapers.

Did I ever mention that it wasn't about health?


Daniel1979 said...

Hi Dick - Am living in Galway as it happens, I heard on the radio last week that there is a proposal to ban all cigarettes in personal cars - it seems a ban on drivers smoking was deemed too difficult to enforce so they are now going for the broarder target.

Unfortunately there seems to be little outrage (from what I have seen) on that one

Dick Puddlecote said...

I read somewhere that Reilly had run away from that idea (though he definitely did say it). But the health lobby always come back and say that current measures don't work and push for more, so a ban on smoking in all cars will happen over there soon.

It'll be the most pointless and unenforceable law on the statute book.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, here in England one of our smaller local pharmacies has a poster by the door. It features an e-cig on sale there.

Peter said...

This is just political decision. Pharmacies will lose money from these cigarettes. Their products are "better". But whatever. If they pay 2 doctors and 5 scientists then they will achieve the desired effect. Call Ireland.