Saturday 27 August 2011

Link Tank 27/08

All this week. Seriously.

Zero tolerance is wrong: Teacher demonstrating tools to students is charged with possession of a weapon and negligently supervising children

TV, flip flops and tobacco - inside Obama's White House

Lawsuits issued to illegal porn downloaders

The danger to kids of white paper

Health and safety gone mad? Don’t blame us!

Consumers must once again be saved from themselves

E-cigarettes increase workplace productivity

Never has the term 'shed load' been more accurate

Colombia decriminalises drugs for personal use

9/11 commemorative wine suffers a poor reception

Hey, at least he wasn't smoking too!

Eleven things that suck about being an adult


George Speller said...

Beware the e-cigs link - it's a thinly disguised advert and contains ill founded claims that real smokers are less productive than others.

Anonymous said...

If smokers were allowed to smoke indoors at their desks or in smoking rooms the way vapors are in some circumstances, then smokers would be equally productive than vapors. Forcing people outdoors and forcing people to not use the substance responsible for speeding up their mental thinking, then calling them less productive, is total bullsh*t anyhow. Leave smokers alone. And they'll whip the pants off the non-smokers sitting all day online looking at websites, doing email and watching porn on company time, which is what non-smokers do.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on Obama. He works at home rather than in his office in order that he can smoke. Not a good situation when the leader of the free world can't concentrate on doing his job and feels he can't work in his own office.