Saturday 6 August 2011

Link Tank 06/08

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

Why do 'radicals' have contempt for debate?

Charities that can't survive without government support will sink

Normal sized woman appears on front cover of Vogue

"Be grateful for every vagueness, every uncertainty and every law [politicians] don't make"

Chinese city bans dogs, telling owners to turn them in

Shock brewer Brew Dog are pretty good at running pubs, too

Mother charged with illegally boarding a school bus to help her son

Porn does viewers, and society, good

"That's why God created sangria"

Impending ban boosts US sales of incandescent bulbs by 20%

Sweden charges a woman for looking after a hedgehog


Manu said...

Nice selection of links this week DP - global stupidity level ticking up nicely it seems...

Mr A said...

Re; the second link.

We can but hope....

Unknown said...

As Mr A says, we can but hope but I will not hold my breath. I've been hearing about this all week and all they could talk about is childrens charities which seems to me that the MSM are trying to press our tear gland buttons rather than give a view to whom cuts will bite most. Don't get me wrong, children are our countries lifes blood and they are to be cherished, not wrapped in cotton wool.

As for the porn link, this is not the first time you have had such links on Link Tank. So I decided to revisit my first forays on the net, just to see if there were any plot changes in the cyber porn industry, you understand. Still, I feel better for watching it, a survey told me so.

I wonder if Mrs Puddlecote has a sneaky peek at porn... just for educational purposes you understand. (And I also hope you have a 'child safe' lock on your comput as the not so little Puddlecotes will no doubt have curious minds, after all, their father has.)

Live long and prosper Puddlecotes.