Tuesday 9 August 2011

Stop With The Angry Stuff, Already

I've not the time for commenting much on the empty-headed knuckle-draggers and state-funded baby machines running around London in the past few days. Besides, the world and his wife has an opinion so mine will be drowned out in a wall of noise, anyway.

But please, please, please can we stop hearing this crap about anger being a cause?

Prize bell end Livingstone gave us one example last night, while David Bond of the BBC talks of next year's Olympics being fairly safe since "They are unlikely to see the IOC or London 2012 as a target for their anger and frustration".


Is there anger in the giggles and "it's fun, dough" jumbled mess spouted by the two Croydon bints? Course not. Nor did Maurice MacLeod - who is impeccably qualified to comment (do read the whole piece) - notice any last night in Clapham.

This was not the modern-day version of the Toxteth or Brixton rioters. These were just opportunistic young people, looking as if they were having the time of their lives.

What was also strangely absent, especially watching the coverage of other areas, was anger or even a feeling of danger. The mood was more like a street party without the music. The looters and the onlookers were both stunned that this was being allowed to continue.
There's no anger. It's not some inevitable consequence of inequality as predicted in Wilkinson and Pickett's fiction novel, like at least one idiot MP tweeted this morning. Nor is rioting orchestrated via Blackberries and iPhone Twitter apps a symptom of poverty in London.

Stop making psychobabble excuses, already. It's vandalism, criminal damage, theft and commonplace thuggery, but with a profit motive.

When a mob is truly angry, the last thing they want to do is snaffle a couple of trackies from JD Sports.

Angry, my marshmallow arse!


Ed Butt said...

It's what must inevitably happen when the dickheads learn that the police either can't be arsed patrolling the streets or are under instructions from the Metropolitan Police Health and Safety Squad that they must not put themselves at risk in any way to intervene and prevent a crime unless correct procedure has been followed and written approval for action obtained from seven levels of superiors.

Anonymous said...

It was and still is a paralyzed Police Service.
Don't blame the poor sods on the ground, they HAVE to have 'permission' to deal with the looters.
The bosses are absolutely totally fucked up with community, social, diversity utter shite thinking and simply cannot say CHARGE!

Dick Puddlecote said...

That was illustrated perfectly with police in Woolwich being 'run' by a few berks in jogging pants last night.

Let 'em loose, Cameron, ignore the progressives (like torched rubble in High Streets is somehow progress, of course).

Anonymous said...

This is what the politicians "it's all about the children" has led to,
cotton wool protected little shites who have grown up into knuckle dragging thugs.


Anonymous said...

Respect for the law the police
society,authority ????????
Stuff it
Make me stand outside a pub like
some leper ,some outcast and they want respect..Fat chance
Let the dogs loose
Past caring

Ex Tory law abider

Curmudgeon said...

Seen on a forum:

A Foxtons estate agency office with all windows smashed up. Likely done with no police around at all, there are many such reports of this. Being repaired this afternoon. In probably the only show of any officialdom they saw in 24 hours, the glaziers van was being given a parking ticket.

You almost start to think it's a pity the rioters couldn't have found a more worthy target.

cartermagna said...

You're not wrong Dick. IN the words retweeted by Angelos Epithemiou in his rapawaytehriots on twitter: "The thieving scum have no political agenda, they just wanna own the latest nintenda #rapawaytheriots"

Funny and true all in one hit!

I don't think I can recommend this blog by a serving Police Inspector; Inspector Gadget's Wasting Police Time.

If you haven't read it before, it's well worth a scroll through. A decent man who has served his country in the army, gone on to the police force and has seen the salami slicing of the Peel Principles into what we have these past four nights.