Friday 9 September 2011

Friday: Laugh At California Day (2)

This could become a regular series at this rate.

It appears that it's fine to wander around naked in San Francisco, but not if you want to sit down. Nope, in health-obsessed SF, that's just too shocking.

And, as the vid says, all proposed by someone called 'Wiener'.

OK, it's an eye-opener - as are many in the film - but that's not the funny part ... this is.

“San Francisco is a liberal and tolerant city, and we pride ourselves on that fact,” Wiener said in a statement.
Bwahahaha! You're killing us here!


banned said...

I want to complain about the mocking nature of that exchange as I expect that some in the naturist community might be offended.

Angry Exile said...

Can't see it and installed the update twice, once automatically and once manually downloaded. No joy. Got a link? Fucking Flash player.

Dick Puddlecote said...

The video is at the linked article under the words "this is", AE. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! "Supervisor" just where do they get these titles from? Sounds very socialist to me. And then I dredge this up from the back of my mind"

Blockleiter - was concerned with enforcing Nazi doctrine and supervising the local population. After 1933, the local Blockleiter was in charge of spreading propaganda and developing an acceptance to the policies of the NSDAP among the households (typically 40 to 60) in his area.

So nothing much changes in the socialist mind then...

Anonymous said...

At the three-way corner of upper Market, 17th and Castro Streets, in the absolute very heart of SF's gay district, 17th Street has been blocked off to automobile traffic, allowing only streetcar and pedestrians to get through 17th.

In that place, in one of the MOST publicly prominent intersections, has instead been built an outdoor seating area with benches, tables, chairs, all on city property with taxpayer money.

At this location, with subway, streetcar and bus lines, automobiles nad pedestrians commuting and traveling through, to and from downtown, in all directions - the gay community likes to sit itself nude and put parade itself around on public display.

A huge, maybe 8' x 10' rainbow flag sits across the street on a flagpole at a major subway station, it's actually the vicinity of a stage area during street fairs when music groups come to play. VERY prominent.

Needless to say, with such liberality, the "No Outdoor Smoking" signs are posted everywhere - as on the front of the Twin Peaks (nation's first gay bar with plate glass picture windows) sitting behind this area, reminding everyone that smoking is no longer allowed on SF's precious sidewalks, in line while waiting at the Castro Theater and smoking must be hauled to the curb, or out of sight if possible.

So yes, it is perfectly fine to sit totally nude on public display in a prominent manner. But try lighting a fag at that location and the "liberals" will have a fit.

Verification Word: Crike

Angry Exile said...

Ah, should have checked that. I thought it was someone else commenting on it. My mistake.

Anonymous said...

I notice at the link, in the comments section, someone already managed to put an anti-smoking comment complimenting smoking bans - and the issue is nothing to do with smoking but with nudity. So no matter what the issue, if it's in San Francisco, someone always manages to sneak in some anti-smoking comments - always, without fail. Liberal - I don't think so. Either that or else Stanton Glantz and ASSociates are the ones doing such commenting.

Ian B said...

Remember that thing I said about nudism being a puritan formation?

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase the famous Eagles song : Welcome to the brothel California,such a naked place!!!!!