Friday 23 September 2011

Prohibitionists Have Always Been Absurd

In this concise and subtly amusing 3 minute video, the IEA's Stephen Davies points out some absurd historical reasons for banning drugs. Except that they're not really historical, are they?

A stimulus for debauchery; the big evil suppliers; and cost to the economy are all still the main planks of puritannical ban-seeking in the 21st century on any substance from McDonald's to a bottle of Pimms.

Davies's denouement is "don't give them any more ideas". No need, they haven't finished using the last lot yet!


Ian B said...

I'm a huge fan of Davies. I've tried to track down his every internet video appearance, because he always has something fascinating to say, and always says it so well. Try these-


Ian B said...

Also, the last of his points reminds us again of the Calvinist origins of The Campaigners, with their "live to work" philosophy.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Funny you should talk of campaigners. You're top billing on the LT tomorrow. ;)

Anonymous said...

Also the last point could be aimed at recreational sports which too are unproductive.

Ian B said...

Thanks for the link, Dick! Most kind of you :)