Wednesday, 28 September 2011

And This Is Normal?

In compiling the Psychosis Catalogue here at Puddlecote HQ, the idea was to exhibit the unintended consequences of pandering to the hideous in society by way of encouraging their deepest prejudices.

However, it is becoming increasingly clear that we're not just talking a handful of insane individuals issuing death threats and glorying in gory anti-smoker fantasies here. Their role models are as certifiably mad as the mouth-frothers themselves.

Consider this article from Montana.

Young women are discouraged from walking across campus alone at night. Most of the University of Montana stays well-lit, but dark shadows still creep across the grass and the flashing blue lights of emergency phones can seem far apart.

With the new smoking ban, young women living in the dorms must now walk to the edge of campus for a cigarette.

Chief of Campus Security Gary Taylor said this issue has not been fully addressed yet.

"We're forcing girls into a dangerous situation," he said.

"We've tried so hard to get people to smoke off campus that we never considered these girls,"
Surely, in the modern atmosphere where all risk must be eliminated, a compromise will be swiftly drawn up to rectify this situation.

Nah, course not. They're only smokers, after all.

Linda Green, the director of Health Enhancement for the Curry Health Center, said she hopes students will follow the smoking ban despite the hazards of walking alone across campus.
Here is a real identified risk to the safety of young girls, as opposed to absolutely no health risk whatsoever from passive smoke in the open air - nor will there ever be one since even the most extreme anti-smokers have completely given up trying to prove something so ridiculous - yet dogma prevails to the detriment of those under their care, coupled with a complete disregard for routine health and safety which would be unimaginable in any other circumstances.

Do read that twice, like I did, to take in the full psychotic - either that or deeply retarded - mindset of such grotesque people.

When seen in such a context, it's more easy to understand the gross gratification people like Australia's Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, get from placing superlatively gruesome images (one of the many recently unveiled examples is pictured left) on tobacco packaging.

Well, it can't be anything else, can it? There is no convincing evidence that such warnings will have any effect on reducing smoking, as implicitly admitted by the EU as a result of a report they commissioned back in January. Indeed, one of the very reasons the EU is considering plain packaging at all is that consumers are completely ignoring the graphic warnings. Conversely, there is evidence that such images could have the opposite effect.

While we have righteous, brow-furrowing idiots over here proposing bans on displaying the body beautiful, similarly myopic idealists are happy to unleash quite disgusting images which can be viewed by all and sundry.

It seems almost perverted that 'progressive' politicians can, on the one hand object to mild nudity, while at the same time be overjoyed at thrusting guts, disease and healthist porn in front of an apathetic public?

These people have lost the plot. Totally. In pursuit of their obsessions, they have turned into hideous anti-social animals intent on the uglification of our lives for their own personal gratification.

And there is a very real possibility that they won't be stopping there, either, as pointed out by tobacco control veteran Michael Siegel last week.

For example, could the New York City Health Department not then require that McDonalds display prominent anti-obesity posters at point of purchase of Big Macs, with gross pictures of fat-laden arteries and a message urging consumers not to consume this fat-laden product?

Could the Boston Public Health Commission not require that coffee containers include a graphic picture of a person suffering a cardiac arrhythmia, with a warning discouraging consumers from drinking coffee out of fear of suffering such an arrhythmia?
There's no 'could' about it! Judith Mackay confirmed as much just a few days after Siegel's hypothesis.

Every single measure against alcohol, fatty foods, salt, coffee - and any other public health target you can mention - has drawn on the methods employed by fanatical tobacco controllers.

They don't care if young girls (or anyone else, in fact) are unsafe as a result of their policies, and they don't care that the world will be a more ugly place in their drive to re-create it in a form that they, personally, have decided is ideal.

When, as a society, we're choosing who requires denormalisation and banning from civilised discourse, it's the prohibitionists and their hideous, sick-minded methodology who should be first in line. Not the sane and tolerant global majority.


P T Barnum said...

So far there are no even vague hints of campus-wide bans at UK universities. Not even at Stirling... (I couldn't resist checking their policy.)

"University Smoke free policy

A Smoke Free policy has been developed for the University through a process of discussion and consultation with the Safety, Health and Environment Committee.

This policy, which replaces the existing policy, will come into effect on 26th March 2006. Please note that from 26 March 2006, smoking will be prohibited throughout all University buildings, around entrances to buildings, within internal courtyards or in any University vehicle.

Information on assistance with giving up smoking is available from Occupational Health.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this policy please contact Operational Risk and Environmental Sustainability."

Students may smoke in their individual rooms in halls of residence. Do you think the banmeisters know?

Anonymous said...

Of course we have the murder of Cheryl Moss.

"A nurse was stabbed to death yesterday in a frenzied attack after leaving her hospital for a cigarette break.

Cheryl Moss, 33, a senior nurse, suffered multiple stab wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

St George's Hospital, run by Havering Primary Care Trust, recently introduced a strict no-smoking policy anywhere in its precincts."

"Cheryl Moss, 33, was stabbed and slashed 72 times as she stood in parkland at the back of St George's hospital, Hornchurch, Essex, in April, last year.

Stuart Harling, 19, a trainee accountant of Rainham, Essex, had claimed he was not guilty because of diminished responsibility."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the parents of one of the students attending University of Montana will seek the services of an attack dog attorney - and then attorneys might start flocking to the meat of the anti-smoking industry, tying them up in court case after court case for promoting neglect and putting individuals in endangered circumstances. I am certain that some wise attorney could get the ball rolling and soon other attorneys would begin seeing the financial gain in filing lawsuit upon lawsuit after the anti-smoking industry, now that the tobacco industry has already been bled dry. After all, there is money to be made, for any attorney smart enough and any individual wise enough to see there is plenty of highly lucrative lawsuit action to go around at this point.

Anonymous said...

All they'll say about a murdered Montana coed is, "She brought it on herself. She should have quit smoking."

Anonymous said...

Read CS Lewis (e.g. abolition of man). He describes this tendancy perfectly.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what happens to the zealots who infiltrated the creepy big government when their little EU disappears up it's own arse.
Most of this crap comes from the UN via the EU which is finished.

Anonymous said...

P T, It woulldn't surprise me if campus-wide bans came in at UK universities. I know some people at the one where I work have pushed for this whenever smoking regulations are discussed. What makes it difficult is that many campuses are crossed by public rights of way. Also, were smoking pushed to the boundaries of the campus, the surrounding footpaths would be blocked and the general public would complain.

I'm fairly sure that at many universities, all the halls of residence are no smoking.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how quickly politicians and "Public Health" forget.

Yorkshire Ripper's legacy of fear haunts thousands of women

"Even today, seeing a picture of Sutcliffe sends a terrifying chill down my spine. He was the bogeyman. Because of him, thousands of women like me learned to be terrified of open spaces, of dark corners and of footsteps in the night. Fear of the Ripper stalked us all. The Yorkshire Evening Post was full of fresh theories every night. Thousands of men across the north of England were fingerprinted and interviewed.

Extra police patrols were out on the streets and prostitutes appeared nightly on the television news, telling us all how terrified they were.
There was a huge increase in public hysteria when it became clear this serial killer was no longer interested in killing only prostitutes but would attack any woman; we were all at risk."

Or perhaps they didn't.

I am beginning to think that I really should stop giving them the benefit of the doubt over all those "unforeseen" consequences.