Saturday 24 September 2011

Link Tank 24/09

Apologies to those who go through my blogroll regularly, but the top article is a must-read.

'Campaigners' are the new unions

The daring, revolutionary days of pre-internet porn

Toronto follows California in banning pet shops from selling cats and dogs

While Twitter banged on about Troy Davis, Saudi Arabia were executing a 'sorcerer'

Oh joy: the real reason that American obesity is soaring

Jumping off a building with bubble wrap

"Any attack on anyone’s liberty is an attack on everyone’s liberty"

Turkey's football association passes rule allowing only women and children to watch Fenerbahce

British beer drinkers pay 40% of Europe's beer tax bill

"He never wrote, never called", said lovestruck dolphin


Anonymous said...

Mmm, yes ... these associations, quangos, NGOs, community organisers -- whatever -- do seem to be replacing unions and they ARE international ('Red' alert). Had someone from a British NGO ring the bell the other day; said I wasn't interested.

Sure, they might not have the same names in every country, but the same goals are whizzing around the world through an organised effort.


Anonymous said...

The pet shop story (incredible) ties in with the control that organisations such as the Humane Society and animal shelters have. Think RSPCA and all the power they exert. No, we cannot have a private enterprise, no-questions-asked business selling dogs and cats. They won't ask enough questions of the customers, investigate their homes, etc.

As to the obesity article, I agree that smoking cessation has definitely bumped up the fat (and general crabbiness) quotient. The fewer people smoking, the more overweight (and unpleasant) people we have. However, as the comments state, there is also a problem with hormones in meat as well as corn syrup sweeteners.

Anonymous said...

The "attack on liberty" article is a blinder, too!

John Pickworth said...

The top article IS indeed a TOP ARTICLE !

I hope that other blogs link to it too...