Saturday 3 September 2011

Link Tank 03/09

So many links, I feel like an ambassador with the Ferrero Rocher.

The debate over harm attributable to salt is far from over

New Zealand store offers Father's Day offer of a gun for $1 ... with predictable reaction

Zimbabwe churches in a dilemma about accepting donations from tobacco farmers

Macau takes on Vegas as the gambling capital of the world

A new health scare - study establishes the existence of passive airborne dog poo

Forget wine, there's an art to picking the perfect beer with your meal

Governments everywhere watch with interest as Pakistan bans private web browsing

Al Gore: Meat = Global Warming

The idiocy of suicide

Eating junk food is now an unhealthy 'habit', too

Trouble with your ballpoint pen? Ask a smoker for help

The presence of a father is linked to enhanced intellect and well-being amongst kids

Six animals that kill scary creatures for fun


Anonymous said...

May I add this one too? (if you haven't seen it already). It's rather good:

nisakiman said...

Ha! Love it! Second-hand dog shit! It puts me in mind of this Tongue-in-cheek article by Joe Jackson.

I really do despair of the so-called "science and research establishment". If this is the kind of stuff they're spending our money on, is it any wonder that the rentseekers at ASH are so well funded. Even their lies and dissemination look sane by comparison.