Thursday 22 September 2011

More Epic Fail From Herr Bartlett

As if being trounced 148 votes to 2 wasn't humiliating enough, life goes from bad to worse for Stony Stratford's chief smokerphobe.

Councillor Paul Bartlett, who proposed a controversial blanket ban on smoking in Stony Stratford's streets, lost a motion of a vote of no confidence in the town council's chairman, Rob Gifford, on Tuesday night.

Cllr Bartlett withdrew the motion with regards to the smoking ban until a later date, as he believes it should be broadcast for those not able to make the meeting.

But this would be in contravention of the council's rules, or standing orders, and so has been initially blocked - something he has accused Cllr Gifford of breaking the standing orders by doing.

So on Tuesday night, he motioned a vote of no confidence in the chairman, which was voted down by eight votes to one.
Another resounding defeat, the one vote in favour presumably being Bartlett himself. That's not all, though.

But at the same meeting, Cllr Richard Skellington motioned a similar vote in Cllr Bartlett, due to 'his behaviour in recent weeks which has placed unreasonable demands on the council's staff, and caused undue stress to council members'.

This motion was passed by eight votes to one.
Oh dear. Mustn't laugh ... well, maybe just a lot.


Jay said...

That's awesome! :) Perhaps Mr Bartlett should move to Australia, where his totalitarian views are more likely to be accepted.

budgie said...

The first thing that came to mind....

Anonymous said...

Every Council has one.

RB said...


A slap in the face for the little Hitler. Good.

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around !!!

Mark said...

Oh dear, perhaps people are trying
to tell him something.

Tee Hee.....

Anonymous said...

Paul Bartlett is more than welcome to move here to San Francisco. The denizens of San Francisco are so brainwashed stupid he would easily win a City Supervisor seat just by placing his name on the ballot and then Mayorship by coming out in favour of more smoking bans as concession to UCSF's demands placed on the entire region. California could always used another Hitler since it doesn't have enough already. Good for you, taming him down a bit. I just hope it sticks in some memories so someone else doesn't try it again.

Anonymous said...

Hold on one tiny hootin tootin
are we saying this ha'penny,nowt
a pound,flea bitten cockroach has not yet been cobbed into some duck
shit cess pond with an half ton no
smoking sign stapled to his
When England had men a'plenty
this bloated wassock would have had just his head stuck on a railing outside the OPEN University

What a gilted schmuck

Hengist's close friend