Wednesday 21 September 2011

Onwards And Upwards

Now that Total Politics have finished milking the hits for their blog poll results this year, we've snaffled a couple more jewels for the sidebar.

I was particularly chuffed to see this humble abode make 5th Libertarian Blog, and for my tabloid guff to be placed 6th. Looking at those placed higher in both sections, it's about the very best that could have been expected short of packing in the business, selling the family, and writing full time (hmmm, now there's a thought).

While in the overall poll ...

... a rise on even last year's lofty position to 23rd top blog and 27th top blogger.

It was also very heartening to see other blogs tackling the same themes doing very well. There's obviously quite an appetite for this stuff amongst a growing section of the population who are sick to the back teeth of being ordered around.

I am indebted to those who took the time to vote for this regular slice of prohibitionist gloom and correspondent unstructured ranting, and am as grateful for your support as I am in admiration of your stamina in returning here, day after day, to wade through the clutter.

Here's to the next twelve months where - if current trends continue - there is going to be even more health-obsessed bullcrap to pour scorn on. Please continue to pop in, comment (I read every one), and hold my hand as we manoeuvre our way through the denormalisation process that is over-weening big government.

We'll try not to let the buggers grind us down without a rare old scrap first, eh?


Pat Nurse MA said...

Congrats Dick. Well earned. No 1 next year!

Scan said...

Well done! Well deserved too.

"There's obviously quite an appetite for this stuff amongst a growing section of the population who are sick to the back teeth of being ordered around"

I think after the last election, writers and readers alike were just that tired of ranting and raving against the totalitarian waves of Neo Labour that a time to rest was needed. And, while resting, there's been time to see what this new set of arseholes are upto and the hunger is coming back rather rapidly...helped by the amazing incompetence and sheer brass neck of European politicians throughout the current political and economic crises.

Unknown said...

Well deserved DP. Don't know why only two banners cos I'm sure I saw your name in every catagory I perused.

F2C blog came 23rd libertarian blog so I'm happy.

Once again well done.

Captain Ranty said...

What they said.

Top quality writing, subjects we all get upset about, common sense, what's not to like?

Well done mate!


Twenty_Rothmans said...

Sterling job done on SS, you had more than the anti-anti cuts big names' turnout on a miserable old day at short notice.

Messianic stuff, Dick, keep it coming.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta for the kind comments.

TBY: I just saw the four I mentioned. I was pleased that they stopped putting me in the right of centre category. The badges above are all that's required, any more and the place really will start to get claustrophobic. ;)

Mr A said...

Congratulations, Dick! I see Chris Snowdon was 17th, too. Good showing all round!

Sam Duncan said...

I think I speak on behalf of all of us on what is clearly the sixth-worst libertarian blog (yeah, well we didn't want to win their stupid poll, so nyaah), when I give my hearty congratulations. You deserve it.

Simon Cooke said...

Well done - over here we made it into the Top 300 blogs and bloggers which is, in no small part, down the the myriad folk who arrive via the Puddlecote ranch. So thanks!

I forgot - and 21st in councillor blogs!