Saturday, 7 July 2012

Link Tank 07/07

Here we go again.

Hey, Mayor Mike, why not ban beer?

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Don't eat salads with a fat-free dressing

Looking at the history of prostitution in Las Vegas

Sozzled Americans nagged by talking urinal cake

Worms in space


John said...

Look here. Indoctrination really works...
SIXTY young people from Dowdales School took part in an innovative anti-tobacco film-making workshop.

The workshop was part of a short film competition, asking
youngsters across the region to research tobacco and smoking marketing
in the media.
Research suggests 83 per cent of children in the North West who try smoking do so before they are 14 years old.

Kyle Ritchie, 13, from Barrow, said of tobacco packaging: “The pretty
packs are wrong because they persuade people to buy them. The plain
ones show us the consequences more clearly.”
Kimberley Walker, 13,
from Askam, discussed the current tobacco law on packaging as part of
the workshop, saying: “We should have plain [packaging] because it's
telling people how bad it is.”

The project is being delivered by The Deborah Hutton Campaign and Smoke and Mirrors youth anti-tobacco project.


The competition is open to anyone aged under 25 in the North West and closes on July 20.
Winners will receive iPads and shopping vouchers.

Good job we pulled our youngest out the pox that is state education back in 2009.

Edgar said...

It is a little known fact of British Common Law that assault does not necessarily involve physical contact. Being verbally harassed constitutes assault. It is a fair indictment of the petty-mindedness of modern society that those control fanatics who inflict mindless 'messages' on us everywhere we go would be surprised that they are potential breaking the law.